The dangers of forklift trucks

More than 800 workers each year, accidents involving forklift trucks result in serious injuries. The very nature and size of forklift trucks mean that many of these injuries are life-changing.

Forklift trucks account for more than a quarter of all workplace transport accidents – making them by far the most dangerous vehicle to anyone working on or (especially) near them.

How can you help to prevent these accidents happening in your workplace

Every workplace must be safe for the people and vehicles using it. A well-designed workplace that ensures vehicles and pedestrians are segregated will make transport accidents less likely.

Provide separate vehicle and pedestrian doors in buildings where possible. Windows or vision panels in doors can help drivers and pedestrians see whether it is safe for them to approach a door. Fit guard barriers at pedestrian doorways. Fit danger warning signs.

Segregating pedestrians from vehicles, preferably by installing handrail guarded routes that are entirely separate, is the most effective way of protecting them. Consider making pedestrian traffic routes correspond to the paths people would naturally follow when walking across a site (Often known as ‘desire lines’).

Fit self-closing gates where pedestrians and vehicles intersect. A physical safety gate acts as a warning, alerting the pedestrian that danger could be present.

What type of safety barriers should you install

For safety handrailing, typically 360 N/m design load and 1100 mm height of the top rail is most frequently used in the UK for Non-emergency light pedestrian traffic areas in industrial and storage buildings.

For tubes to BS EN 10255, formerly BS1387, it is assumed that the minimum yield strength of the tubes is 65% of the minimum tensile strength specified in BS 1387.

For all tubes, the allowable yield strength used to calculate the results is two-thirds of the minimum yield strength. Post-separation distances 1500 mm (Centres) are generally recommended.

A rapid assembly modular barrier system (No site welding)

Mezzbarriers offer ready-assembled posts and pre-cut handrails in C42 (42.4 mm o/dia.) and D48 (48.3 mm o/dia.) hot-dipped galvanised in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461:2009.

The barriers meet the infill requirements of Sections 2.4.1 and 2.4.2 of BS 7818:1995 (Pedestrian Restraint Systems in Metal). Base flange feet for a level surface. Custom-made, slopes or DDA compliant systems contact us on 0161 223 1990

1100 mm high post types - Corner post, End post, Mid post, and ’P’ End post (Hexagon key tube rail assembly)
Retro-fit self-closing safety gates BS 14122-3:2016 compliant (Up to 1000 mm gap). Handrails for 1500 mm post centres.

For increased hazard awareness optional safety yellow thermoplastic (Warm to touch) tube coating is available. Also, yellow/black stripe easy-fit vinyl tube sleeves in one-metre length.

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C42 System galvanised                           C42 System safety yellow

D48 System galvanised                           D48 System safety yellow

Self-closing gate galvanised                    Self-closing gate safety yellow

Hazard warning yellow/black stripe easy-fit vinyl tube sleeves