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Eyebolts, one of the most used items of lifting gear, have severe limitations in usage and a high level of accidents occur as the result of misuse. Eyebolts are used in a wide variety of applications to provide lifting points on loads and selecting the right type can be a minefield.

A Guide for Eye Bolts and Lifting Points - Types and Safe Use

This guide explains all you need to know about the types available. And information on the new alternatives to eyebolts. Modern lifting points, swivel links, and hoist rings are a safer and popular option for modern lifting operations. Although there is not a specific standard for these, several reputable manufacturers make them to their own designs. These new generation lifting points offer advanced engineering and increased load capacities over traditional eyebolts.

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22 Oct 2020 07:24:00 By Peter Wilmot eyebolts, lifting points, hoist rings, Lifting Equipment

Using heavy tools on a daily basis will eventually impact on a worker’s health. Long time repeated tool handling will take its toll on a tool operator’s muscles, nerves, blood vessels, ligaments, and tendons. It doesn’t matter how fit your operators are; the same repeated application of small amounts of force is enough to cause long term damage.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix. You don’t have to provide lighter tools for your operators or limit the hours they spend working. You just have to take the load off their shoulders. A simple tool balancer, positioned above your operator’s workstation, will carry the weight of your tool so your operator doesn’t have to. Here’s a guide to picking the right tool balancer to improve your operator’s ergonomics.

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13 Oct 2020 13:20:41 By Peter Wilmot Tool handling, Spring tool balancers, Lifting Equipment

Featured Product - GIS electric chain hoists - Standard and Special Application Ranges

When you need an electric hoist with special features or adaptable to your application, look no further than the GIS outstanding range.

Simple and easy to use – reliable and safe in operation – long-lasting and easy to maintain. GIS electric chain hoists have been developed and manufactured in Switzerland for more than 55 years. Hundreds of thousands of them are in operation worldwide - indoors or outside and in your industry too!

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What do you want to lift?

Whether it's a Jet Fighter, Luxury Yacht, Printing Press, Museum Exhibit or Rubbish Skip - You will want to lift it safely!

Lifting beams, frames and spreaders are usually designed and built for a specific purpose. The range of designs and capacities is therefore only limited by practicality. It is important to take care in selecting the right type of beam to be used and to plan the lift carefully.

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Across a variety of industries, hazardous atmospheres can present a unique set of challenges for material handling.

CMCO's Application Experts offer an overview of safe practices for the use of material handling equipment in hazardous environments.




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29 Aug 2020 07:56:47 By Peter Wilmot Atex guide, Lifting Equipment

Niko C2 light cranes are the ideal solution for lightweight lifting of load capacities up to 2000kg.

They are supplied in a modular kit form, which enables them to be easily assembled, modified, or moved to accommodate changes in your working patterns.

The construction of Niko C2 light cranes is considerably lighter, free-running, and more versatile than conventional I-beam overhead cranes.

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1 Jun 2020 07:54:08 By Peter Wilmot Travelling cranes, Bridge cranes, Lifting Equipment

Choosing the correct sling is clearly critical to the safety of subsequent lifting operations.

It is important to have a description of the load to be lifted, the environment, and a safe working load when selecting the right sling for the job.   

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Specifically selected lifting and handling products for handling metals for steel and aluminium stockholders, sheet metal workshops, steel fabrication and foundries including overhead cranes, metal section and plate clamps, lifting magnets and slings..

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4 May 2020 07:11:00 By Peter Wilmot Metal handing, steel handling, sheet handling, Lifting Equipment

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