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The unique design of the Sigma pallet gate allows special adaptions for non-standard applications not possible with standard up-and-over pallet gates.

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Mezzanines in the workplace present a severe risk to employees. Though these platforms are useful and often necessary for storage and or additional workspace, the creation of additional fall hazards must not be overlooked (Falls from height are one of the most common accidents at work).Read More
4 Sep 2020 07:03:11 By Peter Wilmot Mezzanine safety, gates mezzanine fall prevention, Safety Gates

There are numerous standard designs of pallet gates on the market; however, some of these devices may not be suitable for your specific application and location.

You may want to consider a gate system specifically designed and made-measure to meet your needs. Guardrail openings and high-level doorways are constructed and function differently, a specific design of an all-round protection safety gate may be needed for your situation, one size does not fit all!


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To maximise on space, many large and small companies have added a mezzanine floor to their factory or warehouse and this has raised many safety Issues.

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3 Aug 2020 06:30:00 By Peter Wilmot Mezzanine safety, mezzanine fall prevention, Safety Gates
Not all pallet gates are equal to site requirements and many on the market don't even conform with the latest ISO 14122-3:2016 standard for pallet gates. However, the HSE and other safety at work professionals demand compliance. What do you do?...Read More
14 Jul 2020 11:02:57 By Peter Wilmot Custom pallet gates, Non standard pallet gates, Safety Gates
Swing edge gates are often left open and are accidents waiting to happen! By fitting a double safety gate system your personnel is protected from moving loads and falling from the unprotected edge at all times. The innovatively designed open-top Hi-Gate system allows suspended hoisted loads to easily pass through the linked alternately closing gates.Read More
30 Mar 2020 08:57:00 By Peter Wilmot hoist loading gate, safety gate for hoist, Safety Gates

Choosing the right safety gate for pallet loading can be tricky - We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions with answers to help find the right gate for your location.

Guardrail openings and high-level doorways are constructed and function differently, a specific design of a safety gate may be needed for each situation - one size does not fit all!

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Conforms with Safe use of lifting equipment - Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 Approved Code of Practice and guidance L113 Section Regulation 6(2)

Summary Regulation 6(2) requires employers to ensure people cannot fall down shafts or hoistways.

180 - Suitable and substantial gates, or other equally effective means, should be provided at any access and/or egress points to any hoistway or shaft enclosure.

181 - Any such gate, or other equally effective means, should be fitted with efficient interlocking or other devices, such that (a) the gate cannot be opened except when the lifting equipment is at the landing and (b) the lifting equipment cannot be moved away from the landing until the gate is closed.

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16 Dec 2019 08:45:00 By Peter Wilmot Safety gate for hoists, vacuum crane pallet gate, Safety Gates
Lift-out gates, sliding gates and swing gates used to secure mezzanine pallet access areas are constantly being left open in the handling of pallets in many industries.Read More

Do your mezzanine openings meet the latest ISO standard for safety?

The latest BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016 standard requires that all platform openings over 500 mm higher than floor level MUST have a dual safety pallet gate system, to prevent personnel from falling through the unprotected opening.


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1 Sep 2019 19:00:00 By Peter Wilmot Safety Gates

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