The Tiger ROV compatible chain block is available in various different interface options all in accordance with BS ISO 13628-8:2002 ROV Interfaces on Subsea production systems. Tested and finished in accordance with Annex’s B & K of BS ISO 13628-1:2005:

1.   Hydraulic Hot Stab connection dual port type A and B
2.   Rotary Torque Receptacle Classes 1,2 & 3
3.   D Handle, T-bar or Fishtail Direct Drive manual connection
4.   QD Direct Drive Couplings

Available as a 3.0 tonne (single fall of load chain), 10 tonne (3 falls), 15 tonne (5 falls) and 20-tonne single head (6 falls) capacity chain blocks, chained up to project-specific heights of lift (H.O.L) that can be pre-set to meet the exact starting point required within the rigging drawings.


Tiger is delighted to announce that the NEW SS19 Specialist Lever hoist range has been approved to meet the TechnipFMC specification for the Procurement of subsea lever hoists as required. This specification is both rigorous and thorough to cope with the demanding environmental challenges when using hoists in a subsea application

The Tiger new subsea lever hoist, the SS19, has been designed and developed over a number of years for use primarily in subsea, offshore or corrosive environments. The unique design features - including the one-piece construction pinion gears and globally patented Quad Cam Pawl System, along with the superior anti-corrosion properties incorporated in this range, give it significant safety advantages over standard lever hoists. This makes the SS19 subsea lever hoist the ideal tool for all marine and extreme applications. It has been fully challenged and successful in the wide variety of extreme conditions it has been exposed to.


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