Why we stock, use, and recommend Interclamp tube clamps

Interclamp Benefits

HUGE RANGE- Interclamps are readily available in 4 tube sizes with 1000's of combinations for your projects

MODULAR - Versatile and modular galvanised handrail tube and key clamp fittings.

SIMPLE TO SPECIFY - Extensive range of clearly marked fittings makes the specification of any structure simple.

EASY TO ORDER - Ex-Stock and reduced transportation costs in comparison to prefabricated solutions.

QUICK RESPONSE - We strive for a quick response and fast turn around on all quotations and orders.

RAPID TO ASSEMBLE - Using a simple hexagon key or Interclamp ratchet. Fast construction of varied structures possible with the minimum of tools.

NO WELD - No welding required. Eliminates the need to carry bulky welding equipment from site to site and hot work permits.

Interclamp Features

HIGH QUALITY GALVANISED FINISH - Interclamp components are hot-dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009 giving a corrosion-resistant finish for extended life.

RECOGNISED BRAND - Every fitting carries the recognised Interclamp brand as a sign of quality and to aid traceability.

RESISTANCE - Interclamp fittings have been successfully subjected to stringent vibration endurance resistance tests by an accredited independent test laboratory.

INTERCLAMP DOUBLE COATING - Interclamp fittings feature a secondary coating over the hot-dipped galvanising to enhance corrosion protection and to extend the life of the product. This gives Interclamp the benefit of premium quality, aesthetically pleasing finish.

EASY IDENTIFICATION - Each fitting is clearly marked with the type & size for ease of identification.

STAINLESS STEEL SCREWS - For increased corrosion resistance.

PRODUCT TESTING - The core range of Interclamp fittings has been tested and type-approved by TÜV Rheinland, the leading worldwide independent test house. Additional vibration resistance assessments and load tests have also been conducted by other independent test facilities.

DLHonline stock galvanised tube and safety yellow thermoplastic coated steel tube for use with Interclamp tube clamps

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