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Tawi range

DALE Lifting and Handling Specialists ( are delighted to become authorised agents for TAWI lifting equipment - vacuum lifters and electric lifters for efficient lifting Since 1923, we have helped businesses worldwide streamline their manual handling of goods. TAWI strives to be the most trusted partner for lifting solutions by strengthening the workforce, increasing flexibility and securing continuous productivity in businesses.

This Tawi online catalogue of lifting and handling products is under construction - Please come back soon to see the range. In the meantime please don't hesitate in contacting our sales team on: 0161 223 1990 for advice or a quotation for your handling needs.

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TAWI lifting equipment - Engineered in Sweden, solving manual handling problems globally

TAWI focus on innovation and quality to improve productivity in the workplace whilst maintaining employee health. Manufacturing at our head office in Sweden and available through DALE Lifting and Handling Specialist in the UK, TAWI now merged with Vaculex as part of the PIAB Group can create solutions for all manner of manual handling needs from initial design to life long maintenance.

Growing expectations on efficient and safe manual lifting 

Increasing well-being is an ever-growing priority for employers around the world and the market for smart and ergonomic lifting solutions is growing rapidly. The demand for solutions to create an effective and safe working environment is accelerating worldwide. As manual lifting processes are continuously being automatedPiab is evolving automation by taking a world-leading position in semi-automated lifting solutionsWith more than 30 years of experience, TAWI adds a solid complementary portfolio of productsand is the perfect fit to Piab’s business. 

Responding to customers needs

Responding to customers’ demand for a single supplier of various lifting solutions with a focus on workplace safety, the acquisition of TAWI is complementing Piab’s ergonomic Vaculex vacuum lifting solutions. With TAWIs product range and added solutions such as mobile vacuum lifters, lifting trolleys, hoist and gripping tools, Piab is taking a world-leading position in semi-automated ergonomic lifting equipment.  

The lifting experience of TAWI and Piab goes beyond the benefit of the two companies

Piab’s Vaculex and TAWI, two forefront global vacuum lifting manufacturers, have merged to become an unprecedented player in the global arena. United and stronger, we continue to develop solutions to resolve customer challenges with superior ergonomic and easy-to-use lifting equipment for any load up to 250 kg. Existing as well as future customers will enjoy the extended benefit from the synergies that this merger brings. 


TAWI Lifting Technology designs and professionally manufactures a host of efficient, ergonomic solutions for any industry where goods and material handling is carried out on a regular basis. For almost a century, TAWI products have been refined and advanced to meet the changing needs of the automobile and construction industries, as well as production, manufacturing, and goods packaging businesses. 

TAWI offers overhead jib cranes, bridge cranes, pneumatic sheet lifters, battery-powered trolleys, hoists, all catering to different environments and load capacities. With adjustable arms, heights, and tools, flexibility is an important advantage of TAWI solutions. Ergonomic controls and speedy, precise performance make this Piab brand a reliable choice for handling sacks, reels, drums, cylinders, sheets, barrels, and more. 

TAWI’s extensive catalogue of innovative products also makes use of a vast range of materials, for maximum adaptability and convenience in your workplace. With both standard and customisable solutions to choose from, as well as many compatible grippers, winches, and hoists, there’s a TAWI solution for every application. Ask us how we can customise yours.

TAWI Electric Hoists with Grippers offer excellent features for optimal functionality and secure operation. The TAWI VH Viper Speed Wire hoist has a 60 - 120 kg capacity and can be used for lifting and handling applications where precision and speed are paramount. 

With a convenient wire rope design, comfortable single-hand joystick handle, and variable speed control, its ergonomic fit makes it suitable for longer periods of usage without discomfort. Compatible with clamp tools, hook tools, grippers, and more, it is an adaptable multi-tool that lends itself to a range of moving and handling tasks.

TAWI’S comprehensive range of industrial equipment also includes compatible, versatile TAWI Vacuum Lifters that can be used in conjunction with a diversity of winches, grippers, and hoists. Advanced technology and innovative designs make TAWI vacuum lifters a quiet solution, reducing workplace noise for a more comfortable manufacturing or assembly environment. 

To cover the requirements of a vast array of logistical, construction, automobile, and packaging environments, DLH Online stocks, customises, and delivers a host of Tawi Vacuum Lifters to improve the efficiency of goods handling. These include high-frequency lifters, multifunctional lifters, stainless steel lifter models, and mobile vacuum lifters such as TAWI’s Mobile Order Picker

We also stock TAWI Sheet/Glass Vacuum Grippers with up to 0.5-tonne capacity, a light, compact tool for reducing manual lifting of heavy and flat laminate, glass, or wood sheets. Adaptable and fast, DLH Online provides your company with 2 models of the TAWI Sheet/Glass Vacuum Gripper for use with a compressed-air-powered or electrical pump.

Our TAWI Lifting Technology solutions include Tawi Mobile Lifting Trolleys with intuitive, yet advanced smart technology and a range of compatible tools for different loads. For easier goods movement across workshops, factories, and warehouses, Tawi Stainless Steel Battery Powered Lifting trolleys can be used with up to 250-kilo loads, and handle tilting, turning, and lifting. 

At DLH Online, we can help you adapt your TAWI lifting trolley to handle drums, cylinders, kegs, and more.

Tawi overhead crane systems are designed for maximum safety and efficient operation, with solutions such as the TAWI Overhead Bridge Crane often used extensively in confined spaces. 

In larger work environments and busy workplaces, these intuitive and easy-to-operate solutions allow for quicker handling by many staff members with very little learning curve. Customised arms in a selection of lengths are also available at DLH Online, where we also offer bespoke adaptations to suit the demands of your profession. 

Our selection of TAWI overhead cranes is also compatible with a suite of other TAWI Lifting Technology solutions, such as the TAWI customised vacuum lifter and High-Frequency Vacuum Lifter

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