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TAWI Overhead Bridge Cranes - Thern Captain Series 5FT25 (Up to 1270 kg) Stationary Lifting Davit Cranes with Manual or Electric Winch - Thern - By Brand

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TAWI Overhead Bridge Cranes

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In stock

Key Features

  • Simple installations, patented self-adjusting joints, superior ergonomics and easy operation with the aluminium or steel profiles that makes up TAWI lightweight crane systems.
  • Various or customized arm lengths up to 8 metres.
  • Operate in confined spaces - Follows the user with great precision
  • Contact us and we can design a solution that optimally fits your operational requirements.
  • Choose between a selection of hook tools, clamp tools or grippers, adaptable to meet your every need
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TAWI Overhead Bridge Cranes

The TAWI range of overhead bridge cranes is designed to be configured for any workspace. Monorail, bends, telescopic beam, single or double beam options are available.

Simple installations, patented self-adjusting joints, superior ergonomics and easy operation with the aluminium or steel profiles that make up our lightweight crane systems.

Aluminium profiles let you create a truly lightweight crane system. Steel profiles enable longer bridge spans and accommodate heavier loads. Combined systems are perfect when multiple girders will weigh down the same system, and enable the best overall cost-performance ratio.

  • Aluminium profiles when agility is prioritised
  • Aluminium is the most cost-effective solution per square meter
  • Steel profiles enable longer bridge spans
  • Steel profiles accommodate heavier loads

When to use steel or aluminium profiles

  • Aluminium profiles offer easy manoeuvring with little resistance
  • Low self-weight with aluminium profiles
  • Stainless steel profiles when sanitation is prioritised
  • A combination system can both smoothly manoeuvre goods and be sized for heavy loads
  • Combination systems can suit several workstations of different needs

Product Details

  • Material: aluminium or Cold rolled steel
  • Aluminium Capacity: <125 kg
  • Steel capacity: <1500 kg


Steel and aluminium profiles - different needs, different metals

Offering reliable crane systems made of aluminium, steel or both. Always customized to meet your every need.

For agile and truly lightweight crane systems – aluminium is primarily the material of choice. Engineered aluminium profiles ensure a high strength to weight ratio in order for the user to carry out the operations with ease. The resulting low self-weight of the lightweight crane system contributes to ergonomic manual handling for the operator. Aluminium comes in its raw, natural appearance and is also the most cost-effective alternative for material handling of loads of up to 125 kg.

For heavier loads, your system should be engineered from high strength, cold-rolled steel. Stainless steel is also appropriate when the operations have high sanitary requirements such as when handling chemicals, pharmaceuticals or food items. The steel profiles can handle up to 8 meters between the suspension points, a perfect solution if the roof structure, or floor area, has spatial limitations or structural constraints. The steel profiles are made from a single piece of high strength cold forming steel, which provides a strong and cost-effective product, as well as resulting in a relatively lightweight crane system. TAWI´s fully automated powder coating line provides corrosion resistance thanks to top quality finishing. Steel systems come standard in the TAWI blue lacer but can be custom coloured to fit your already established operations and branding profile.

If there is no outer factor that weighs in on the preference of material, just tell us the needs of your intended operations and we will custom design a lightweight crane system of optimal performance. Such a solution is many times a combined system where the supporting structure is made from steel in order to carry several lifting girders made from aluminium, in turn, dimensioned for the material being handled. The system is then structurally stable to hold several work stations and dimensioned for the heaviest handled load yet easily manoeuvred by each operator. The lightweight crane system can also be combined in terms of which type of aluminium and steel profiles are being used, to suit different types of work stations separately under the same girder system. The solution is easily integrated into existing operations and whatever the configuration, TAWIs patented lightweight crane systems always provides quiet, smooth and safe operation, guaranteeing the best working environment.

TAWI monorail and curves

Monorail and curves - for predetermined and precise operations

Our monorail systems are easily tailormade through their modular design with a choice of straight and curved segments.

  • Optimal for integration
  • Perfect for closed systems
  • Creating a linear, precise path
  • Elegantly avoiding obstacles
  • Optimal for production lines


When to use monorail and curves

Our monorail systems will follow your existing infrastructure with great precision.

  • Lift along both a linear and non-linear path
  • Enable material transportation through doorways and hallways
  • Be extended into a girder crane system
  • Lifting capacity: <125/1500 kg
  • Max suspension distance: <6000/8000 mm

TAWI single girder cranes

Single girder cranes - straight forward... and sideways

TAWI’s single girder cranes are:

  • Cost optimal
  • For rectangular working areas
  • Of high quality
  • Quickly delivered
  • Simply installed
  • Easy to use

When to use single girder cranes

With a single girder from TAWI you can:

  • Operate with three dimensions of freedom
  • Cover an entire workstation
  • Use both vacuum lifters and hoists
  • Lift up to 1500 kg
  • Have a bridge span up to 8 metres

TAWI double girder cranes

TAWI double girder cranes are sized for both heavy loads and wide bridge spans at the same time.

  • Enabling the most stable operations
  • Smoothly operated with motor drive
  • Easy to operate

When to use double girder cranes

With a TAWI double girder system you can:

  • Operate with three dimensions of freedom
  • Cover an entire workstation
  • Use both hoists and vacuum lifters
  • Lift up to 1500 kg
  • Have a bridge span of up to 8 metres

TAWI telescopic cranes

Telescopic cranes - extending beyond the girder

If specific material handling operations lies just beyond the reach of an ordinary TAWI girder crane system, where no overhead structure exists, a telescopic arm could fill in that gap. As an additional feature to the TAWI girder crane systems, an extended arm in the form of a telescopic crane can be added.

TAWI telescopic cranes enable lifting outside the girder system, offering optimal reach.

  • Equipped with an extended telescopic arm
  • For doorways, containers, pallet racks etc.
  • The perfect addition to a girder crane system

When to use telescopic cranes

Reach into pallet racks and containers with a telescopic crane.

  • Reach beyond the workstation
  • Pass from one system to the next
  • Lift up to 1500 kg
  • Have a bridge span of up to 8 metres


Contact us and we can design a solution that optimally fits your operational requirements.

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