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Vaculex Microlex Vacuum Lifter - ML - 5 kg to 55 kg capacity - Manufacturing - By Industry - Vacuum Lifting

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Vaculex Microlex Vacuum Lifter - ML - 5 kg to 55 kg capacity

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Key Features

  • One hand operated Tube Vacuum Lifter. - Handle loads up to 55 kg.
  • Very flexible to fit your specific needs. - Available with a wide range of accessories.
  • Extremely fast • Ergonomic • Safe • User-friendly
  • Light and flexible • Increases productivity • Causes less parcel damage
  • Electrical or Pneumatic vacuum pump - Reliable and with low service costs
Delivery Options

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  • Operated with one hand.
  • Able to customize to fit customer specific needs.
  • For handling of loads between 5 kg and 55 kg.
  • Ergonomic and Safe
  • Reliable and with low service costs.
  • Modular system which can be reconfigured for new tasks over time.
  • Available as either Electric or Compressed Air powered.
  • Available with a wide range of different suction feet, vacuum pumps and other options.

Vaculex ML is small and really easy to operate

  • One hand operated
  • Vaculex ML is a one hand operated vacuum lifter which is easily customized to adapt to most handling situations with loads weighing between 5 and 55 kg.Large possibilities
  • Vaculex ML offers large possibilities to choose between a range of different control handles, suction feet and other options to optimize the lifting system for your specific handling situation.Easy to apply to your changing needsVaculex ML has a modular design which also makes it easy to reconfigure the lifting system if your needs are changing over time.



Technical information

Maximum lifting capacity 55 kg/122 lbs
Lift tube sizes 60-120 Ø
Electrical vacuum pump 0,75-1,25 kW
Pneumatic vacuum pump 420-630 NI/min at 6 bar
Vertical movement (lift height)
2,5 m lift tube 1,7 m
3,0 m lift tube 2,1 m
Installation height
2,5 m lift tube 2,9 m
3,0 m lift tube 3,4 m
Safety Factor (attachment force/lifting force) min 2.5




Yoke foot
Yoke foot with two adjust-able feet. Suitable for cardboard boxes with divided lid, materials in sheet form etc..




Round suction foot
Suitable for handling cans, drums, stones, bricks etc. Several diameters available.




Rect. suction foot
Rectangular suction feet are suitable for handling goods with sealed surfaces such as cardboard, sheet metal, plates etc. Available in many sizes.




Oval suction foot
Principally for handling sacks but also suitable for plastic shrink wrapped goods. Available in several sizes.




Yoke foot
Fixed yoke foot with bellows cups. Useful for rough surfaces or on surfaces with differences in levels. Various models available.




Angle adaptor
Suitable for moving, for instance, sheet metal from a horizontal to a vertical position or vice versa.




Bottom swivel
To rotate goods 360° while keeping the control unit in a fixed position. Suitable when placing goods in confined spaces or in patterns.




Quick disconnections
Bayonet joint type. Upper and lower part. For fast and simple change of suction feet or tools.




Protection valve
For safe lifts using fixed hooks/tools. Eliminates the depression inside the lift tube if the goods is released inadvertently.




Flexible control unit
Flexible extended control unit. Useful when stacking goods high up on a pallet etc. Available in various lengths.




Rigid control unit
Rigid extended control unit. Useful when handling wide goods. Available in various lengths.




Release valve
Facilitates load releasing when large suction feet are used, for instance during vertical handling. Available for standard as well as extended control units.




Radio Remote Control
Vaculex ML can be supplied with a radio remote control to manually turn the pump on and off from anywhere in or close to the working area.



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