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Vaculex Parcel Vacuum Lifter – Containers and Trailers - Vaculex Vacuum Lifter Range - Vaculex - By Brand

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Vaculex Parcel Vacuum Lifter – Containers and Trailers

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In stock

Key Features

  • Vacuum Lifter for rapid loading and unloading of loose loaded goods in trailers and containers
  • Developed specifically for full working capacity in confined spaces with low headroom height.
  • Extremely fast • Ergonomic • Safe • User-friendly
  • Suitable for handling of most types of goods weighing up to 40 kg.
  • The lift automatically adjusts to fit inside containers and trailers of different size and shape.
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• Vacuum Lifter for rapid loading and unloading of loose loaded goods in trailers and containers.

• Developed specifically for full working capacity in confined spaces with low headroom height.

• Unique vacuum lift concept to solve ergonomic and productivity issues when loading or unloading trailers or containers.

• Suitable for handling of most typs of goods weighing up to 40 kg.

• The lift automatically adjusts to fit inside containers and trailers of different size and shape.

• Vaculex ParceLift can be fully integrated with Caljan BeltTrack telescopic boom conveyors.

• ParceLift is used by many Distribution Centers and several large Parcel Carriers.


Designed for handling of loose loaded cargo in containers and trailers


Rapid handling – Designed for speed
Vaculex ParceLift is a vacuum lifter specifically designed for rapid loading and unloading. With Vaculex ParceLift you can load or unload loose loaded goods in trailers and containers faster than ever before.

Increased productivity
Vaculex ParceLift uses cutting edge vacuum technology which enables for an increase of the productivity when unloading or loading loose loaded containers or trailers. It drastically reduces the risk for repetitive strain injuries and makes the work a lot easier compared to manual lifting.

Vaculex ParceLift can be used for handling of a wide variety of goods – our vacuum solution works perfectly with parcels, boxes, sacks, food, baggage, sheets of metal etc.

Easy to work with
Vaculex ParceLift is easy to work with and requires only a short training session.

To ensure maximum performance Vaculex ParceLift is engineered with low weight/high strength materials such as carbon fibre composites and aluminium.

This enables Vaculex ParceLift to be very well suited for rapid material handling due to minimal operator effort to handle the equipment very rapidly.

Before Vaculex ParceLiftWith Vaculex ParceLift
parceliftbefore parceliftafter

Automaticall adjustment
Vaculex ParceLift automatically adjusts its inbuilt height to suit different sizes of containers; this is to ensure maximum working height inside the container currently being loaded or unloaded is always maintaned.

Customize your lift
Vaculex Vacuum ParceLift can be ordered with options such as lighting and air heater to even more enhance the working environment inside the container. Accessories also includes special control units with suction foots for lifting baggage and suction foots for parcels and other goods.

Assembled on a telescopic conveyor
Vaculex ParceLift is assembled onto a telescopic conveyor. The telescopic conveyor may already be installed on your site or it may be obtained with the ParceLift preinstalled.

Vaculex has a cooperation with Caljan Rite Hite, one of the most well known manufacturers of telescopic conveyors in the world.

Happy operator at Draper ToolsHappy operator at Posten Logistics

”Our prime consideration has been a question of ergonomics rather than speed. Having said that we are using fewer people to unload a container so there is definitely a financial benefit too.”


“By using Vaculex solutions they now avoid most of the heavy lifting and almost all manuall lifting. Because of that the ergonomics has improved the operators feel happier and more alert.”


Vaculex ParceLift – Awarded in 2009

”The Material Handling Solution
of the Year”

by the Swedish magazine Transport & Logistics Today.

With the motivation:

An ergonimically designed lifting device with great performance that is also easy to work with and minimize the risks of workrelated strain injuries.

With and Without – Vaculex ParceLift

Operators working manually without Vaculex


ParceLift Operator working with ease with Vaculex ParceLift

with vaculex




Technical information

Vaculex ParceLift Crane, Frame and Lift Unit
Recommended max load 40 kg
Safety factor (Attachment force/Lifting force) min 2.3
Suction foot dimension* Ø150 mm
Crane weight 8.8 kg
Lifter weight 5.8 kg
Total weight 76 kg
Sound level 1 m from control handle 54-65 dBA
Vaculex ParceLift Pump Unit
Power 2.4 kW 50Hz / 3.0 kW 60 Hz
Voltage 190-255/330-440 V at 50 Hz
190-290/330-500 V at 60 Hz
Pump Unit weight 107 kg
Sound Level 1 m from Pump Unit 63 dBA

*Several alternative suction feet are available

Parcelift diagram 



ACF0860XXX-XXX-XXX 4000 860 1161 56 Max:
800 Max: 2515
Max: 1308
Min: 836
601 528 870 560 575 min 300
ACF0906XXX-XXX-XXX 906 1227
ACF1060XXX-XXX-XXX 1060 1427
ACF1106XXX-XXX-XXX 1106 1427
ACF1260XXX-XXX-XXX 1260 1627
ACF1306XXX-XXX-XXX 1306 1627

*dependent on dimensions of telescopic conveyor



  LED-Lighting, 3600 Lumen
 Heater, 9.1 kW

 Control unit with standard Ø150 mm bellow cup for handling of parcels and many other types of goods.
 Control unit with suction foot for baggage, sacks and many 



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