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Vaculex Sack Handling - Vaculex - For Your Industry - Vaculex - By Brand

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Vaculex Sack Handling

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Maximum 500 characters

In stock

Key Features

  • Vaculex have a long history of providing lift solutions for sacks
  • Open and closed sacks
  • Fit your special need - Custom grippers
  • The lifters can be supplied in many versions to meet your specific need. Versions made in Stainless Steel(SS) or for use in ATEX environments are just some examples.
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Sack handling

We ease your work
Manual handling of sacks is usually a very heavy job. Vaculex has solutions to completely take the problem away.

The superior choice
Vaculex lifting equipment for handling sacks is most of the time superior to alternative solutions.

The sacks are easily handledand our ergonomic lifters will give you the possibility to create a higher work pace compared to lifting the sacks manually.


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