Loose loaded sack handling

TL_empty-sack250Vaculex TL is a unique lifting aid, specially designed for handling of loose loaded sacks.

For whom?
Typical customers within this segment are laundries, the chemical industry, the food industry and other businesses where frequent lifting of loose loaded sacks takes place. This type of repetitive lifting is hard and demanding on the body and muscular skeletal injuries are common.

Reduces sick leave
An investment in Vaculex TL is a small but extremely effective measure in reducing sick leave and rehabilitation costs. In addition a more safe and healthy working environment attracts and maintains good quality employees.

A great investment
Vaculex TL is the best investment choice as our vacuum tube lift addresses all the vital factors. Vaculex TL is tremendously user-friendly and does not need any time-consuming training to operate. It is so easily managed that working speed and productivity are maintained or in many cases increased, which is usually the contrary when using a lifting aid.

How to use Vaculex TL:


Make a loop
The loop is made by feeding the string through the black holder.



Tighten the loop
Hold up one corner of the sack and put the loop around it. Use the black holder to tighten the loop.



Lift the sack
Pull the on/off control to lift the sack. If the sack is to be emptied, lift the sack upside down with the opening facing downwards.



Lower the sack
Lower the sack by pulling the on/off control once more. The speed of the vertical movement can be adjusted.


Technical information




Lift unit Lift tube length 2,5 m 3 m 4 m
Total length (excluding rope sling) not contracted 2700 mm 3200 mm 4200 mm
Total length (excluding rope sling) contracted 980 mm 1120 mm 1410 mm
Vertical movement (lifting height) 1720 mm 2080 mm 2790 mm
Weight complete (with compressed air driven L100 or L150 vacuum pump) 5.1 kg/11.2 Lbs 5.5 kg/12.1 Lbs 6.3 kg/13.9 Lbs
Lift capacity, L100 pump, Lift tube Ø 100 mm 0-35 kg/0-77 Lbs 0-35 kg 0-35 kg
Lift capacity, L150 pump, Lift tube Ø 120 mm 0-50 kg/0-110 Lbs 0-50 kg 0-50 kg
Lift tube diameter 100 mm and 120 mm 100 mm and 120 mm 100 mm and 120 mm
Compressed air driven vacuum pump (venturi pump) Vaculex L100 Vaculex L150  
Working air pressure 6 bar 6 bar  
Air consumption where pump is running 50% of the time 210 litre/minute at 6 bar 315 litre/minute at 6 bar  
Sound level 1 meter from vacuum pump 60 – 65 dBA 60 – 65 dBA  



  Radio Remote Control

Vaculex TL can be supplied with a radio remote control instead of the rope controller.