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TAWI Multi-Functional Vacuum Lifter - VM - 30 to 270 kg capacity

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key features TAWI Multifunctional lifter is available in 9 standard models with maximum capacity ranging from 30-270 kilos. Very flexible to fit your specific needs. - Available with a wide range of accessories. Extremely fast • Ergonomic • Safe • User-friendly Light and flexible • Increases productivity • Causes less parcel damage Electrical vacuum pump - Reliable and with low service costs
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TAWI Multifunctional lifter is available in 9 standard models with maximum capacity ranging from 30-270 kilos.

Functional and reliable lifting

Our most multifunctional vacuum lifter comes in a wide variety of models handling up to 270 kilos. Get in touch and we will be happy to guide you to the right model for your needs.

  • Ergonomic handle to ensure a good working position
  • Suction feet for boxes of all sizes
  • Lifting taped boxes
  • Grip boxes from the top, from the side, or both
  • Suction feet designed for paper and plastic sacks
  • Special tool for lifting jute and woven sacks
  • Available in stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • Adjust lifting height with fingertip precision
  • Lift and tilt sheets to vertical position
  • Turn sheets 360 degrees
  • An extended handle makes it easy to handle big sheets
  • Vacuum technology grips and lifts without leaving marks on the sheets
  • Grip drums or kegs from the top or from the side
  • Tilt to empty contents in hopper
  • Tools for lifting multiple drums together
  • Grip kegs from the side and turn to horizontal position
  • Safe and hygienic handling of food products
  • Lift frozen foods
  • Lift unwrapped foods
  • Suction feed adaptable to your needs
  • Tools for lifting one or multiple components
  • User-friendly and easy to manoeuvre
  • Lift anything from batteries to plastic parts or metal components
  • Rotate load 360 degrees and place with precision

TAWI Multifunctional lifter is available in 9 standard models with maximum capacity ranging from 30-270 kilos.

Model Capacity Max Length Lift Tube Hose Dia. Stroke Lifting Speed
VM30 30 kg 2500 mm 100 mm 1800 / 2600 mm 0-1m/s
VM40 40 kg 2500 mm 120 mm 1800 / 2600 mm 0-1m/s
VM50 50 kg 2500 mm 140 mm 1800 / 2600 mm 0-1m/s
VM60 60 kg 4000 mm 160 mm 1800 / 2600 mm 0-1m/s
VM80 80 kg 4000 mm 180 mm 1800 / 2600 mm 0-1m/s
VM100 100 kg 2500 mm 200 mm 1700 / 2400 mm 0-1m/s
VM120 120 kg 4000 mm 230 mm 1700 / 2400 mm 0-1m/s
VM180 180 kg 2500 mm 250 mm 1500 / 1800 mm 0-1m/s
VM270 270 kg 2500 mm 300 mm 1500 / 1800 mm 0-1m/s


Anyone can lift with vacuum

Think you need to be big and strong to lift 270 kilos? Not with the power of a vacuum.

TAWI Multifunctional lifter uses vacuum technology to grip and hold the load, as well as to lift and lower to the right position. Working with vacuum is quick, easy and comfortable. Anyone can learn how to use our vacuum lifters within a few minutes. Vacuum offers a reliable technology that ensures sustainability for both business and people.

TAWI Multifunctional lifter is our most versatile lifter, offering a wide selection of tools to handle anything from big cardboard boxes to ungainly plastic bags, blocks of cheese and fragile glass sheets. Need to lift different types of goods? A quick coupling lets you easily switch the suction tool to handle various loads with the same lifter.

Our flexible handles let you pick up loads from above, from the side, or both. You can lift over shoulder height and still maintain an ergonomic position. The unique TAWI handle is easy to use and lets you control lifting speed with your fingertips, ensuring precise and safe handling. An extended handle will help you manoeuvre big loads or reach far into for example a pallet rack.

Restricted by specific requirements? No problem. We have solutions for cleanroom, ATEX, and other sensitive environments. Every day, TAWI Multifunctional lifter is successfully used in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries with strict hygiene and safety requirements. Designed and produced in Sweden, TAWI vacuum lifters ensure safe and reliable lifting for industries worldwide.

TAWI Multifunctional lifter is available in 9 standard models, handling up to 270 kilos, but we also customize the lifter to meet the specific needs of your business, adapting our systems to fully integrate with your workflow. Smart lifting for both business and people.

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