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Choosing the right safety gate for pallet loading can be tricky - We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions with answers to help find the right gate for your location.

Guardrail openings and high-level doorways are constructed and function differently, a specific design of a safety gate may be needed for each situation - one size does not fit all!

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When you are ready to purchase an overhead crane for your business, it can seem like a daunting task. You have to check out all of the different crane companies, get quotes, schedule an install, and worry about paying for installation. So some businesses don’t even bother with overhead cranes, thinking that they just can’t afford the time or the money that it will take to set one up.

What these business owners don’t know is that there is an easier way to do all of this: with a lightweight overhead bridge crane kit. 

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Shackles have been widely used in the lifting industry for decades. However, despite (or perhaps because of) the apparent simplicity and extensive use of these components, incorrect and poor specification remains a problem.Read More
6 Jan 2020 10:59:48 By Peter Wilmot Lifting shackles, Bow shackles, Dee shackles, Lifting Equipment,

Careful consideration should be given to the winch selection process. Safety should be a primary concern and questions such as which winch features are required for the application, what will be the experience level of the user, and what harsh environmental conditions will exist should all be answered.  

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A confined space is a place which is substantially enclosed (though not always entirely), and where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances or conditions within the space or nearby (e.g. lack of oxygen).Read More

Conforms with Safe use of lifting equipment - Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 Approved Code of Practice and guidance L113 Section Regulation 6(2)

Summary Regulation 6(2) requires employers to ensure people cannot fall down shafts or hoistways.

180 - Suitable and substantial gates, or other equally effective means, should be provided at any access and/or egress points to any hoistway or shaft enclosure.

181 - Any such gate, or other equally effective means, should be fitted with efficient interlocking or other devices, such that (a) the gate cannot be opened except when the lifting equipment is at the landing and (b) the lifting equipment cannot be moved away from the landing until the gate is closed.

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16 Dec 2019 08:45:00 By Peter Wilmot Safety gate for hoists, vacuum crane pallet gate, Safety Gates,

Hydraulics is the kind of power transmission that allows the greatest density of forces. There is no other kind of power transmission that will transmit comparable high forces with the same construction size. 

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The Donati Jib cranes, manually or electrically rotated in the column, or wall-mounted models are designed to handle goods inside or outside a plant, ideal for assisting in the loading of machines or workbenches. The highest quality level is guaranteed by a Quality System Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2000. The standard range includes handling loads up to 10000 kg. with arm lengths up to 10 metres.

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2 Dec 2019 07:30:00 By Peter Wilmot Swing jib cranes, workshop jib cranes, Lifting Equipment,

Do you want to be able to use your forklift trucks more flexibly and minimise accidents? Or perhaps you want to guarantee that you’re maintaining compliance?

Whatever your problem, we can help. We’ve been providing logistics industry professionals with forklift forks and attachments for more than 20 years.

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25 Nov 2019 07:14:00 By Peter Wilmot Forklift attachments, forklift hooks, forklift jibs, Material Handling,

Interclamp tube clamps are designed for the easy, simple and fast erection of rigid structures by hand with the minimum of tools, Interclamp is a cost-effective, efficient system, particularly compared with traditional methods of construction such as welding, where specialist tools, extensive training, and experience are required. Watch video and 

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18 Nov 2019 07:36:00 By Peter Wilmot Key clamps. tube clamps, interclamps, tubular handrailss, Tube clamps,

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