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Height Safety Kits

DLH Online stocks a varied range of Height Safety kits that will fulfil your needs, all from premium trusted brands such as Ridgegear and Yale. We stock a range of types that include Scaffolders’ height safety kits, Roofers’ height safety kits, Restraint height safety kits, Crane height safety Maintenance kits, Construction height safety kits and basic height safety kits kits also. 

Height safety kits are essential equipment for any work site to ensure that you and your staff are protected from falls or injury. Safety kits for those working at higher stories can include harnesses, restraints, and lanyards for roofing, scaffolding, and construction work.

DLH Online provides a large array of height safety kits and equipment for a diverse range of industrial uses. Safety is first and foremost in all the height safety solutions that we offer, and we have the answers to all your equipment needs!


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