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Vacuum Handling

DLH Online stocks a broad range of Vacuum Handling products that will suit your requirements from trusted and reputable brands such as Lift All. You can narrow your search for the perfect solution by choosing from a range of vacuum handling product types such as convertors, jib cranes, sack and drum lifters alongside various vacuum handling items, meaning DLH Online always has the answer!

Vacuum handling equipment uses makes moving heavy objects much more safe and efficient. The compressed air vacuum pressure creates a strong seal that firmly and safely grips items  with suction pads. Vacuum lifters' safety and efficiency benefits makes them an ideal option for any business wishing to make improvements to handling and lifting processes.

Vacuum handling tools reduce the manual input and therefore lessen the likelihood of workplace injuries and accidents. They also reduce cost due to less manpower requirements, improve efficiency due to quicker moving durations and allow for accurate overall executions.

Lifts All is a Swedish manufacturing company located in Stockholm, Sweden that has been established since 1981. Specialising in ergonomically-developed lifting equipment to replace manual lifts and therefore reduce work-related and wear & tear injuries, Lifts All products cleverly employ compressed air technology and predominantly service the car, brewery and pharmaceutical industries.

At DLH Online, our Lifts All vacuum handling products will suit various needs and as the sole UK-authorised distributor of Lifts All products, we can supply their industrial products to our customers at highly competitive prices.


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16 Item(s)

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Lifts All products are renowned for their performance, efficiency and reliability and therefore DLH is pleased to offer a wide range of vacuum handling products for all needs.


The Lifts All Fast Barrel Handling Vacuum Lifter is ideal for the efficient handling of all types of barrels and drums. Designed for repetitive handling tasks, its vacuum suction cup allows lifting from the barrel/drum/tub lid. This vacuum lifter is ergonomically designed to mimic manual handling but without the heavy weight! Lifting gear handles 25kg barrels in a weightless state, allowing the operator to manually control and check the cargo up and down, ensuring the efficient and precise handling of the barrels.

It saves the operator any heavy and awkward lifting and the gripper is small and low profile, which means that it’s ideal for low-floor environments. Its maximum load is 100kg and is a very suitable lifter for the Chemical/petrochemical industry, biogas plants and paint shops.

The Vacuhandling Vacuum Tube Box or Carton Lifters is the answer for the quick, safe and effortless handling of boxes and cartons . Available in 4 alternate models offering either 30, 50, 50 or 100 kg capacity, it ensures tep-less raising and lowering. Specially designed for sacks, bags, cartons, boxes, buckets, crates, appliances and plates, it also comes with interchangeable and adapted suction cup surfaces. The vacuum in the hose holds and elevates the load accordingly.

The Lifts All Lifter for Lifting and Rotating Glass makes light work of glass handling tasks - As a pneumatic lifter with vacuum pads can be designed for various types of glass products. The lifter allows the operator final positioning by hand. The handler is pneumatically driven and only requires a tiny proportion of the energy needed by traditional vacuum lifters, meaning obvious economical and environment benefit, not to mention the reduction in the lifter’s operating volume!  A major plus also is the fact that no energy is wasted when the gripper is not carrying any load or when it is not in use, as the Smarter Air Consumption Energy Saving feature is standard. No waste of energy!

We offer various other vacuum handling products, suiting all  requirements and tasks.

DLH Online is the sole authorised UK authorised distributor for Lifts All, alongside the Columbus McKinnon Group (CMCO) who incorporate the Yale, Pfaff Silberblau, Steerman and Camlok brands.