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Tirfor Lifting and Pulling Equipment

Tirfor machines are portable manual hoists used with maxiflex wire rope. They can be used to lift, pull and position loads over great distances depending on the wire rope length. They are suitable for use in numerous configurations and are the ideal solution for use in professional applications; they are operated by a simple lever Option: the load capacity of the Tirfor system can be increased by using sheave blocks. Portable hoist to lift and pull loads, for utilisation in numerous configurations with long cable lengths.

Whether you are winching, jacking, lifting, hoisting, or simply moving items around the workplace, there’s a Tirfor product with your name on it. The signature Tractel range of specialist handling equipment is the only place you’ll need to look for overhead lifting solutions, material handling accessories, and tools for cable pulling. A truly versatile hoist, this Tractel Tirfor lifter and all its parts and pieces are available here at DLH Online.

Looking for a geared travel hoist, push travel hoist, or beam clamp? In our Tractel range, you’ll find these at affordable prices and in a range of winch capacities, hoist capacities, and cable lifting capacities. This signature range is deal for use when raising suspended levels, working platforms, silos, heavy equipment, and more. Other applications include monitoring anchor tension, lowering tents, maintaining structures, personnel rescue, and working on construction sites. 

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