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Clamps, Grabs & Magnets

At DLH Online we offer Clamps, Grabs and Magnets from all the leading manufacturers including Camlok, Tractel, Crosby, Invicta, Yale and Eclipse. All of them are essentially crucial parts that help ensure safe and efficient lifting of heavy loads. There are so many lifting clamps available nowadays, including beam clamps, plate clamps, rail clamps, girder clamps, piling clamps to name just a few. Lifting clamps can be clamped onto beams, girders or plates, ensuring a high level of safety and support when lifting or suspending weighty items. Grabs are an effective alternative and are well-suited to difficult loads. Lifting magnets are usually handheld, unpowered devices and require no other lifting apparatus such as hoists and slings

Whatever your needs, DLH Online will have the ideal clamp, grab or magnets that meets your needs.

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Items 1 to 24 of 83 total

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Camlok, established for over 50 years, is a major industry brand for plate clamps and other items of lifting equipment. At DLH Online, our Camlok clamps will suit your requirements and we can supply Camlok’s hoisting products at competitive prices.

The Camlok PP Series Pile Puller Clamps 3 8 t. WLL are available in 3000kg, 8000kg and 12000kg WLL (working load load) capacity options.The PP pile pulling clamps are designed to pull out driven piles or trench shielding and the clamps have a narrow opening and a deep slot to ensure that the pile is firmly gripped.


Eclipse Magnetics’ history dates all the way back to 1889, offering them over 100 years of experience in the design & manufacture of high performance magnetic systems. At DLH Online, our Eclipse magnets will suit your requirements and we can supply Eclipse’s hoisting products at competitive prices.

The Eclipse Ultralift LM Lifting Magnet offers Safe, efficient, cost-effective lifting via its magnet system. No power required means zero running cost and to get started you simply hook to your crane or hoist and you are ready to lift. One man can attach the load, effortlessly, in seconds and the safety locking mechanism prevents accidental release of load. The ‘rare earth’ neodymium magnet material provides lightweight yet powerful performance.  


The Crosby Group is a highly recognised brand names in the lifting industry and offers a great variety of the best lifting clamps including beam, drum, pipe, horizontal and more. At DLH Online, our Crosby clamps will suit your requirements and we can supply Crosby's hoisting products at competitive prices.

One example is the Crosby IPPE Horizontal Lifting Clamp For the Lifting and Transfer of Bundles of Platesis perfect for lifting and transporting non-bendable sheet metal in a horizontal position. It is available in different capacities of 3 to 12 metric tons and also with a wide variety of jaw openings available from 0 to 180mm.


Invicta Forks & Attachments is the largest manufacturer of mechanical fork attachments in the UK and they also produce extensions, access platforms, grabs, skips & mechanical attachments, as well as equipment designed to lift barrels, spreader beams, lifting beams, bricks, pipes and other unusual loads.At DLH Online, our Invicta grabs will suit your requirements and we can supply Invicta's hoisting products at competitive prices.

An example is the Invicta 1800 kg Standard Mechanical Scissor Grab ISG-5 which has been designed to safely lift, move and release numerous types of bricks, blocks, flags and kerb packs etc on a building site or yard. It can be fully mechanically operated via the forklift without the driver needing to leave the safety of his seat or via an overhead crane/HIAB.