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Load Arresters

We nearly always protect our people from falls from height, but we don't seem to apply the same thought process to protecting the load or the people below the load?

Have you considered that you might have people walking below a load? Or want to protect the load?

Load arrest blocks are heavy-duty fall arresters for protecting equipment that is suspended at height. Load arrestors provide a secondary safety back-up for overhead loads, used in conjunction with a primary lifting device or support, such as a hoist or fixed anchorage. If the primary support fails, the load arrestor will automatically stop the load from falling, thereby preventing damage to the load and, more importantly, protecting people below. 

Load arresters are used extensively in industry, car production lines, material handling & lifting, pillar lifts, theatres, stage production, nuclear power stations, sound systems, chandelier fitting, sports halls, and many more applications. 

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