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Manual chain hoists (sometimes called ‘chain blocks’) are portable pieces of lifting equipment perfect for various situations and working environments. Our online range of Yale manual chain hoists has been specifically chosen to suit the needs of all kinds of differing of industrial uses.They are available in capacities ranging broadly from 250 kg up to 10,000 kg.

At DLH Online, our broad range of manual chain hoists form market-leading brands such as Yale, Raptor, Tiger and Tractel will suit your requirements


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Yale Manual Chain Hoists

The Yale brand is part of the Columbus McKinnon Group (CMCO), one of the largest and best-established lifting equipment manufacturers globally. Yale is renowned for its quality products that ensure performance and safety. As one of Columbus McKinnon’s top UK authorised distributors, DLH Online proudly supplies Yale's industrial products at highly competitive prices. Our Yale manual chain hoists come in alternate voltages, namely 240V and 400V.

The Yalelift 360 Hand chain hoist model ATEX Capacity 500 - 20000 kg is a highly effective hoist, with its revolutionary 360° rotating hand chain guide that enables the operator to work from virtually any position such as confined spaces or above the load. The Yalelift can even be operated from the side of the load which also makes it possible to use the hoist for horizontal pulling or tensioning. Due to the additional flexibility, the operator is no longer forced to work in the danger zone near the load. Its chain guide and gearbox are almost totally enclosed. Even under the toughest conditions the internal gearbox remains protected. The hardened load sheave with four precision machined pockets ensures accurate movement of the load chain. The extremely low headroom allows maximum use of the lifting height. The surface protected zinc-plated alloy steel load chains fulfil all requirements of current national and international standards and regulations. They are matched perfectly to the load chain sheave and guarantee smooth and precise chain motion. The hoists is also the explosion-protected version with spark resistant coating.

Another trusted manual chain hoist is the Yalelift model IT ATEX Hand chain hoist with integrated push or geared type trolley Capacity 500 - 10000 kg, with its integrated push or geared type trolley. All units of this series up to a capacity of 3000 kg are provided with single chain fall and the min. headroom has been further reduced. These hoists are ideal for applications with low ceilings and limited headroom. Whilst the proven and almost stepless adjustment system allows quick and easy assembly of the trolley. Trolleys up to 5 t are offered for two beam ranges. Range A for a flange width up to 180 mm is standard and covers approx. 80 % of all requirements. Conversion to range B for beam width up to 300 mm can be easily accomplished and the solid bronze trolley wheels are designed for a maximum beam profile incline of 14 % (DIN 1025 - part 1). The excellent rolling features are guaranteed by prelubricated, encapsulated ball bearings, whilst anti-tilt and anti-drop devices are standard and the explosion-protected version comes complete with a spark-resistant coating. The trolleys are equipped with rubber buffers.

Raptor Manual Chain Hoist

Raptor provide a comprehensive range of lifting equipment and handling equipment including forklift attachments, drum handling and load-moving products. Having been established as a manufacturer since 1969, the Raptor brand was introduced to market in 2008 and has proven very popular due to providing offering an all round range of gear suitable for lifting, rigging, material handling and load moving.  At DLH Online, our Raptor manual chain hoists will suit your requirements and we supply Raptor's industrial products at extremely competitive prices.

The Raptor MH Hand Chain Hoist range are highly efficient manual chain hoists that can be supplied in a range of models, namely the Raptor MH05 hand chain hoist, the Raptor MH10 hand chain hoist, the Raptor MH15 hand chain hoist or the Raptor MH20 hand chain hoist.options. These then can come in turn with differing height of lift options of either 3 metres or 6 metres.

Operators choose the Raptor MH05 hand chain hoist is for lighter duty requirements with its manual hoist capacity of up to 500kg, whilst the Raptor MH10 hand chain hoist increases a little with a manual hoist capacity of up to 1000kg.The Raptor MH15 hand chain hoist is better-suited to mid-range capacity requirements with its manual hoist capacity of up to 1500kg, whereas the Raptor MH20 hand chain hoist is the hoist of choice for heavier duty requirements with a manual hoist capacity of up to 2000kg. DLH Online can supply the ideal fit for your task, that’s for sure...

The Raptor MH Hand Chain Hoist range have a clever compact design alongside a reliable disc brake and premium grade alloy load chain. The products is drop-forged and expertly heat-treated for greater strength and durability.

Tiger Manual Chain Hoist

Established for over 50 years, Tiger Hoisting products are market-leaders due to a proven track record and reputation for supplying premium lifting products that prioritise efficiency and safety into a broad range of demanding industries throughout the world. At DLH Online, our Tiger manual chain hoists will suit your requirements and we can supply Tiger's hoisting products at competitive prices.

The Tiger 8000KG Tiger Chain Block CB0800 is a highly effective hoist and particularly suitable for underground mining use due to its lightweight, compact and portable nature. The Tiger 8000KG Tiger Chain Block CB0800 is also available with the option of a stainless steel load chain and also with forged clevis adaptor components and/or an optional load limiter. The hoist can be chained to meet specific requirements.

Another popular manual chain hoist is the Tiger 6000KG Lever Hoist LH-0600 with its variable height of lift and 6-tonne capacity. Compact, lightweight and durably-constructed with its pressed steel handle, gear case and brake cover producing high resistance to any impact damage. The Tiger 6000KG Lever Hoist LH-0600 is arguably the ideal hoist for longer-term use due to it needing less maintenance and servicing costs in general.

The 500KG Tiger Corrosion-Resistant Combination Push Travel and Chain Block CCBTPS-0050CP is a half-tonne capacity chain hoist. Ideal for locations where headroom is somewhat limited, it comes with various options including geared or plain trolley versions, twin bar or single bar trolley and corrosion or spark-resistant.

Tractel Manual Chain Hoist

Established since 1941, Tractel provides material handling and lifting, load measurement, suspended working platforms and fall arrest safety equipment to numerous countries around the world. At DLH Online, our Tractel manual chain hoists will suit your requirements and we can supply Tractel's hoisting products at competitive prices.

The Tractel Bravo Lever Hoists are a popular manual chain hoists, in part due to its capacity range. DLH Online can offer either the Tractel Bravo Lever Hoist 250kg manual hoist capacity, Tractel Bravo Lever Hoist 500kg manual hoist capacity, Tractel Bravo Lever Hoist 750kg manual hoist capacity, Tractel Bravo Lever Hoist 1500kg manual hoist capacity, Tractel Bravo Lever Hoist 3000 kg manual hoist capacity and finally the Tractel Bravo Lever Hoist 6000kg manual hoist capacity. All needs are covered!

DLH Online also offers this hoist with different heights of, used to lift and pull loads. Lifting, pulling, tensioning or positioning of a load is all done using the Bravo lever hoist. The chain length can be adjusted in the neutral position. This simplicity of its install is another reason for its popularity. Boasting a robust design, adjustable lift, swivel hook with safety catch and hook with overload deformation indicator,  automatic brake with double pawls and heavy-duty bearings, the Tractel Bravo Lever Hoists range has it all covered.

If you need any advice or have particular requirements, such as needing special controls or for use in unique environmental conditions then the DLH Online sales team will be very happy to offer guidance on the most suitable manual chain hoist to match your specific needs.

DLH Online is the main UK authorised distributor for Thern Inc., alongside being the top UK authorised distributor for the Columbus McKinnon Group (CMCO) who incorporates the Yale, Pfaff Silberblau, Steerman and Camlok brands. DLH Online is also the Main UK authorised distributor for Schilling, Eepos, Erikkila and Codipro. They are also the sole authorised Master UK distributors for Lifts All Sweden alongside being the main North West (UK) authorised distributors for Crosby, RUD, Hackett, Sumner, and Donati.