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Overhead Crane Systems

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Whatever your crane requirements, DLH Online’s specialist crane division has the right solution for your needs. Our crane solutions range from lightweight profile track cranes (aluminium or steel) with roof supports or freestanding gantries to single and double-beam bridge cranes, gantry or building column-mounted and over and under-slung. So if you need full crane kits and full design and installation, we have the answer for you!

An overhead crane, often known as a bridge crane, is a type of crane found in various types of industrial environments. An overhead crane consists of parallel runways with a traveling bridge spanning the gap. The lifting component of a crane is known as the hoist and it travels along the bridge. As opposed to mobile or construction cranes, overhead cranes are most often used for either manufacturing or maintenance applications, where efficiency is of paramount importance.

DLH Online is pleased to offer a range of overhead crane systems suiting different requirements from reputable brands.


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From crane kits to full design and installation - Dales' specialist crane division have the solution! Lightweight profile track cranes in steel or aluminium with roof supports or free standing gantriesSingle and double beam bridge cranes - Gantry or building column mounted - Over and under slung. Call our crane team to discuss your requirements today - We have the expertise you are looking for!
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Eepos Crane System

Eepos systems are regarded as one of the easiest crane systems to move of all similar and currently available products. As opposed to with most suspended runway systems, the operator of an Eepos system only requires one-third of the power to move a load. Trolleys in the aluminium profiles also run with substantially less noise.

The Eepos Aluminium Crane System is a very innovative crane system offering numerous benefits. The inter-product compatibility, intelligent eepos design and practical accessories all combine to ensure a great-value investment and operating costs.

A well-executed system construction kit alongside the low weight of Eepos products help to ensure a straightforward installation of the system. The high degree of compatibility with other well-known profile construction kits is a further tangible additional benefit, not to mention proven superior safety and performance levels.

Erikkila Crane System

Founded in 1991, The Erikkila Group is a manufacturer of ergonomic light crane systems, lifting equipments, bridge cranes and robotic cranes. The company also imports various lifting equipments to support its own manufacturing. These products include vacuum lifters, lifting tables, chain hoists and lifting equipments.

The Erikkila Prosystem Lightweight Crane System is a complete light crane system for industrial use. An overhead light crane system is the optimal solution for any workstation lifting tasks due to the extensive coverage and user-friendliness it offers. Any swinging of the load is minimized because the trolley centralizes itself automatically to the right lifting position. By choosing an overhead light crane solution a significant amount of extra performance can be achieved, for example, in maintenance work, assembly and production. 50 kg to 2,000 kg capacity load versions are available

Niko Crane System

Niko Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Helm Hellas SA, leading European manufacturers of light cranes, power feed systems, overhead conveyors, sliding door track and fall arrest track systems.The Niko group was established in 1972 .

The Niko Lightweight Profile Crane System provides a versatile combination of track sizes and components which allow simple assembly and the safe installation of monorails and overhead cranes.  

Typical examples include freestanding lightweight overhead cranes, ceiling-mounted lightweight overhead cranes, single girder overhead cranes, double girder overhead cranes, low-headroom overhead crane and monorail cranes. Powered-travel cranes and manual cranes are both available using the Niko track profile system and a range of radius bends, switches, and transfer units make more complicated applications feasible also.

The Niko crane system is the ideal solution for lightweight lifting of load capacities up to 2000 kg

Its Modular kit form makes it ideal for easy assembly, modification or moving to suit changes in your working locations.

With up to 12 metre bridge span up offering smooth and easy movement in all directions, this crane system benefits too from a robust construction, wide range of fixing brackets, a zinc plated, powder coated, hot dip galvanised finish , although it is also available in stainless steel.

Lifts All Crane System

The Lifts All Weightless Product Handling Lightweight Overhead Rail System is an ideal rail system for repetitive handling tasks, as it provides effortless performance with its easy glide trolleys. Various configurations are possible to cover your working needs and it can be roof-supported or with free-standing posts.

The Lifts All overhead crane in light aluminum is very flexible and quiet, which is a must for an ergonomic working environment where frequent lifting tasks are carried out. In comparison with other similar light crane systems, the operator of the the Lifts All overhead crane need only use a third of the usual required force to move an object.

The rails of the gantry system in the standard version are ideal for clean room environments with simple additional seals to back the tracks in the rails, ensuring that dirt cannot accumulate in the crane. The system is modifiable also with an additional low profile or if the reach needs to be telescopic to reach a space outside the gantry envelope.The crane system complements the Lifts All range of pneumatically-powered weightless product handling tools designed for use in many industries and locations. Free movement around the work area is assured with the installation of a lightweight aluminium track system. The system can be provided in the monorail, twin rail with crane bridge or swing arm jib crane.