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Hydraulic Workshop Cranes & Engine Hoists

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At DLH Online we stock a wide range of engine hoists and hydraulic workshop engine cranes that will suit your requirements from trusted and reputable brands such as Yale, Pfaff Silberblau, Thern and Raptor. These mobile workshop cranes are ideally-suited for vehicle maintenance, machine loading and various different tool-changing operations

Some are more suited for heavier-duty applications with higher weight capacities, whereas others offer lower capacities but are more versatile and suit usage in more confined area. Whatever the requirement, DLH Online has a solution!


Find out more about Hydraulic Workshop Cranes & Engine Hoists from DLH Online

Yale Hydraulic Engine Cranes

Yale are part of the Columbus McKinnon Group (CMCO), one of the biggest and most established lifting equipment manufacturers globally. Yale is rightly recognized for its quality products and ability to custom build equipment to fit customers’ specific requirements.

At DLH Online, our Yale hydraulic workshop engine hoists will suit your requirements and as Yale’s main UK authorised distributor, we can supply their industrial products at competitive prices.

The EC STANDARD Steerman Folding Engine Crane Model CR-1000 ( 44018 ) features heavy duty welded construction with rugged reinforced tubular steel. The special hydraulic long rams are equipped with a patented built-in bypass mechanism. The innovative design allows it to be easily folded away for easy transportation. It boasts a V shaped chassis and up to 1,000kg capacity at 620 mm boom length, up to 1020mm Boom length with 600 kg Swl.

Thern Hydraulic Engine Cranes

With over 65 years’ experience in quality products, Thern have established a well-earned reputation for durability, reliability and performance. Thern is renowned for quality products and for their ability to custom build equipment to fit user-specific requirements.

At DLH Online, our range of Thern hydraulic engine cranes is varied and as their main UK authorised distributor, we supply Thern’'s industrial products at highly competitive prices.

An example is the Thern 548 Portable Floor Crane is highly efficient engine crane with up to 455 kgs capacity. There is a manually-operated hydraulic jack for raising the boom, a collapsible crane that folds down and a compact unit for storage or transport. Another key feature is the boom telescopes of 4 different lengths to help extend the reach.

Pfaff Silberblau Hydraulic Engine Hoists

German brand Pfaff Silberblau are a market-leading manufacturer of material handling equipment and manufacture high-quality and durable products designed for heavy duty usage in a range of industrial environments. The company celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2017. At DLH Online, our Pfaff Silberblau hydraulic workshop cranes will suit your requirements and we supply Pfaff Silberblau's industrial products at extremely competitive prices.   

An example is the HWK KLS Heavy Duty Folding Engine Crane which are heavy duty hydraulic engine cranes designed to solve all your workshop lifting applications. Configurations are available in 500kg and 1000kg versions and can have a parallel or V-shaped chassis.

Features include a hydraulic system that can rotate for use in confined spaces, a parking brake fitted as standard to secure the crane firmly in position, alongside a cantilever arm that is raisable to 2080mm and can be extended to suit applications. The crane is also quickly and easily folded away by one person.

Raptor Hydraulic Workshop Cranes

Established as a manufacturer since 1969, Raptor provide a comprehensive range of lifting equipment and handling equipment including forklift attachments, drum handling, lifting beams and material lifters. At DLH Online, our Raptor hydraulic engine hoists will suit your needs and we supply Raptor's industrial products at extremely competitive prices.   

A popular model is the Raptor Foldable Shop Crane SC Series 500 kg to 2000 kg which have lifting capacities ranging from 500kg to 2000kg. Armed with a handy relief valve to prevent overload and a 360 degree swivel operating handle, this crane ticks all the boxes. It also boasts a forged heavy duty swivel hook and is always put through 125% overload testing prior to delivery.