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Our Mezzbarriers (Mezzanine Safety Pallet Gates) are part of a range of products that provide a safe access solution for warehouses and factories loading and unloading pallets onto mezzanine floors and raised platform areas. View our range of Mezzbarriers below.


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Mezzanine Safety Pallet Gates and Personnel Safety Gates

Pallet Gates are part of the MEZZBARRIERS range of safety products, designed to provide a safe access solution for factory and warehouse workers who are responsible for loading and unloading pallets onto mezzanine floors or raised working platforms. Fully tested and compliant with the requirements of BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016 and meet the safety requirements of the HSE and other safety professionals. For more information, please see Pallet Gates product pages above or for more help in selecting the right gate for your job see Pallet Gate FAQ'S

Mezzbarriers Pallet gates features and benefits

Designs for all applications

MEZZBARRIERS offer eight different pallet gate models in a range of standard and bespoke sizes to suit most applications on mezzanine floors, platforms, loading docks, and high-level door openings. Solutions include Low headroom, high loads, extra-wide loads, extra-deep loads, and confined spaces. In addition, MEZZBARRIERS provide pedestrian self-closing gates and safety handrail systems.


Modular Construction

MEZZBARRIERS Pallet Gates are constructed using Interclamp© tube clamps and standard handrail tube in galvanised finish. Pallet gates can also be supplied with a safety yellow thermoplastic coated (Warm to touch) tubes.

Pallet gates are supplied with main sections pre-assembled for a quick installation. The construction system allows, in the event of the pallet gate being damaged from a forklift collision or accidental damage, the easy replacement of individual fittings or tube.

Is Your Existing High-Level Loading Access Point Fall Protection Adequate?

Even if you have installed a swing gate, sliding (trombone) gate, removable bars or chains, they are still dangerous to operate.
These can often be left open and are accidents waiting to happen! Even safety harnesses don't solve the problem as they only protect the wearer if they remember to put it on!

What Does The HSE Guidance Say?

' You will need to provide a double barriers system that maintains a continuous barrier between people and the platform edge. Thereby, preventing anyone from falling through the opening'.

In an HSE case study:'Specifically for a mezzanine opening, it was assessed that the best way to safeguard staff was to install a pallet gate system of ' pivoting safety barriers' around the load area providing ' continuous edge protection’.

Is A Safe Answer Possible?

Mezzbarriers can provide you with a safe and cost-effective pallet gate or loading barrier system for your loading access point. Mezz Barriers pallet and loading gate systems offer a range of solutions that meet all; access situations. From an economic pallet gate for occasional use to a complex doorway loading situation. Please take a look out our Case Studies page for some of the innovative edge protection solutions possible.

Every Type to Suit your Needs

Mezzbarriers standard and bespoke sizes to suit most applications on mezzanines, platforms, loading docks, and high-level door openings. Solutions include: Low headroom, high loads, extra-wide loads, extra-deep loads, and confined spaces.

  • Weather-resistant. We use galvanised or thermoplastic waterproof coated tubes with galvanised components to keep your fall protection equipment in top shape through frequent outdoor use.

  • Robust construction. Our safety solutions are made from reliable and hardy galvanised tube steel. Using only the strongest materials –from stainless steel grub screws and zinc-plated bolts to Nylok nuts – we always put safety first.

  • Simple to install and repair. Installation is hassle-free and straightforward with our instructions. All parts are replaceable, to ensure fail-safe operation.

  • No site welding. Main sections are pre-assembled and aligned using jigs for accuracy. Ensure safety requirement compliance and get working right away.

As Mezzbarriers is a division of Dale Lifting and Handling Specialists, we are proud to provide our clients with Mezzbarriers safety solutions and parts at economical prices. Secure your worksite, protect personnel, and boost efficiency without hurting your bottom line.

Mezzbarriers Pallet Gates and Industrial Safety Gates

Here at DLH Online provide a vast range of Mezzbarriers pallet gates and industrial safety gates with huge flexibility in terms of width, load height, and headroom. The Delta Low Headroom Space Saving High Load Safety Pallet Gate allows for high loads of up to 2.5 metres within low headroom spaces. We can craft bespoke versions with an internal width of up to 3.5 metres and an internal depth of the same, for the greater room. The Delta Low Headroom Space Saving High Load Safety Pallet Gate is clear of the floor edge when open, and affords personnel a clear view of all operations. DLH Online also provide optional extras such as additional handrailing to complete barrier infills and anti-slip floor plates. The latter allows the gate to be used in a wider range of work environments without damaging floor surfaces.

The Mezzbarriers Hi-Gate Bespoke Universal Safety Pallet Gate with Unlimited Load Height boasts unlimited load height and can be loaded using a hoist or forklift for greater versatility. We design bespoke models with special doorway openings and extended internal depths of up to 4.5 metres. With anti-slam dampers fitted, there is some cushioning and personnel will not get stuck while loading or unloading. This particular model is incredibly flexible and can be used in any location. It packs flat for transport, uses standard components, and can be a great replacement for removable bars, swing gates, and chains.

Custom Pallet and Load Handling Safety Gate Design

Do you need an industrial safety gate or pallet gate that meets specific requirements? We are pleased to offer a Custom Pallet/Load Handling Safety Gate Design Service that will help you choose the right customised product. Simply let us know what your desired application is and we will design a safe and specific pallet gate to meet these needs.

Mezzbarriers ready-made posts and handrail kits

Our C42 – 42.4mm OD Ready-Made Posts and Handrail Kits are all made from resilient galvanised steel. At 1100mm high, they are an ideal height for handrails, ready-cut for this purpose at 1500mm centres, and jig-assembled for precise alignment. Like all our Mezzbarriers products, our ready-made posts and handrail kits require only stainless steel Hex screws to assemble, so there is no need for welding, threading, or bending. Similar to the D48 - 48.3 mm OD Ready-Made Posts and Handrail Kits , the flange bases allow secure and simple attachment of the posts to a level surface.

For greater visibility, we offer the C42 - 42.4 mm OD Ready-Made Posts and Handrail Kits in Safety Yellow Tube and the D48 - 48.3 mm OD Ready-Made Posts and Handrail Kits in Safety Yellow. We also supply high-vis hazard warning tube sleeving in 1-metre lengths so personnel will always be aware of their surroundings.