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DLH Online stocks a wide range of drum and cylinder handling equipment and products that will suit your requirements. You can narrow your search for the ideal solution by choosing from a range of cylinder and drum handling equipment, such as drum handling stands, drum handling trolleys, drum handling trucks, alongside fork truck attachments, drum lifting attachments, grabs and grippers.

Cylinder and drum handling equipment such as stands, fork truck and drum handling truck attachments, or a range of other lifting tools are highly effective solutions for transporting drums, kegs, and cylinders in a way that does not compromise workplace health and safety.
Here at DLH Online, our range of Drum and Cylinder handling equipment features a great range of well-designed options from Raptor, Lifts All, Invicta, Camlok, Vaculex and Tractel.


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Drum Handling Equipment and Solutions UK - Fork lift attachments can provide safe and efficient solutions providing they are correctly specified. Low cost belly grab units may be suitable for steel drums whilst rim grip units are available for both steel and plastic drums. De-palletising drums of any design without a fork truck can be carried out safely by using either a straddle or corner de-palletiser. Straddle units allow drums to be removed from anywhere on the pallet, even when it’s against a wall. A major advantage if space is at a premium. Transporting drums was traditionally undertaken with a 2 wheeled trolley requiring the drum to be pulled backwards. This requires excessive force but models are now available that require less than 20kgs of input. Alternatively, drum dollies may suffice but their small castors need excellent surfaces to operate well. Decanting the contents can be undertaken with drum rotators fitted to fork lifts or specially designed pedestrian stackers. If an overhead hoist is available, a suspended rotator may be used. If space is limited compact units are available. Dispensing small quantities over a long period may best be handled by cradles which can be turned safely.Turningdrums ready for lifting and storing horizontally may now be undertaken with simple cradles which can be used with little effort. View range below and get prices or request and quotation DLH offer an extensive range of drum handling equipment. We endeavour to provide cost effective solutions to all your drum handling needs - Drum trucks - Drum dollies - Drum rotating trucks - Drum storage racks - Drum lifters - Fork lift drum handling attachments - Drum up-enders. Everything you need to comply with Manual Handling Regulations. Recent innovations - particularly with that most difficult task, safely removing drums from pallets - We enable companies to provide equipment that enables drums to be moved safely, quickly and efficiently thereby meeting the legal requirements.

Tractel Drum and Cylinder Handling

Tractel has over 60 years of experience manufacturing ISO and OHSAS-certified industrial lifting products that are known for being both safe and reliable. The Topal HF Semi-Automatic Horizontal Steel Drum Clamp boasts a range of features and benefits such as the ability to horizontally lift drums of up between 440mm and 920mm in length. With a working load limit of 500kg, they are a hardy option from our DLH Online range of Drum and Cylinder Handling products.

Camlok Drum and Cylinder Handling

Camlok has over 50 years of industrial equipment experience and manufactures unique and innovative, yet reliable, British lifting equipment. Our Camlock lifting clamps and drum handling products include the recommended Camlock DC500 Quick Drum Clamp for cylinders that weigh up to half a tonne. Flanged and unsealed cylinders are safely gripped with either a two-legged chain sling or two slings and a spreader or lifting beam, for dependable and efficient transport of loads.

Invicta Drum and Cylinder Handling

Invicta is the UK’s market leader in forklift equipment, attachments, and accessories. Their ability to deliver top-of-the-line bespoke solutions is one of the reasons behind their well-deserved acclaim. Our Invicta drum lifting solutions include the popular Invicta 750kg Fork Mounted Automatic Multi-Type Single Drum Rim Grip which is recommended on the basis of its exceptional versatility. It handles rough or uneven ground surfaces well, allowing smooth movement of plastic drums and cylinders. Hardened steel jaws lift the cylinder or drum by its lid so that both intact and damaged drums can be securely transported.  

Lifts All Drum and Cylinder Handling

Lifts All is a popular Swedish manufacturer of lifting equipment for handling, logistics, and industrial uses. The brand has an excellent reputation for reliability. At DLH Online we boast a range of Lifts All drum and cylinder handling equipment including tongs, rotators and canister grabs for a huge range of diverse industry requirements. The Lifts All Fast Drum Gripper Lifter is an energy-efficient, and therefore cost-effective pneumatic solution for heavier drums. In standby mode, the Basic Model will switch itself off, only to turn on again automatically when it is required. The air-powered design means quieter lifting, so in environments where frequent lifting is required, this is a particularly recommended solution.

Raptor Drum and Cylinder Handling

Raptor has been manufacturing a large range of versatile and competitively priced lifting equipment since 1969. Our DLH Online Raptor Drum Lifting equipment features the Raptor Vertical 2 Point Drum Lifter for 210L drums – DL350 which handles standard steel drums and thus is well suited for a wide diversity of industrial, construction, and brewery environments. Any overhead hoists, hooks, or chain blocks can be fitted easily to this 350kg capacity Vertical Drum lifter, and both lidded and open drums are safe to lift as the 2 point design allows the cylinder to remain upright without spillage.

Vaculex Drum and Cylinder Handling

Swedish Vaculex is one of the industry’s most well-recognised makers of vacuum-powered drum handling equipment. Vaculex specialises in reliable cylinder lifting equipment that is export to over 35 countries internationally. The Vaculex Keg Handling Barrel is ideal for breweries as it handles cylinders in one smooth lifting and rotating action. There is no need for either forklifts or multiple operators, meaning this key handling barrel is a great solution for easy, ergonomic drum lifting.

DLH Online is the main UK authorised distributor for Thern Inc., alongside being a top UK authorised distributor for the Columbus McKinnon Group (CMCO) who incorporate the Yale, Pfaff Silberblau, Steerman, and Camlok brands. DLH Online is also the Main UK-authorised distributor for Eepos, Schilling, Erikkila and Codipro. They are also the exclusive authorised Master UK distributors for Lifts All Sweden alongside being the key North West (UK) authorised distributors for Crosby, RUD and Donati and Sumner.