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Drum & Cylinder Handling

DLH Online stocks a wide range of drum and cylinder handling products that will suit your requirements from trusted and reputable brands such as Tractel, Raptor, Lift All, Invicta, Camlock and Yale. You can narrow your search for the ideal solution by choosing from a range of drum and cylinder handling product types such as drum handling stands, drum handling trolleys, drum handling trucks, alongside fork truck attachments, drum lifting attachments, grabs and grippers. Whatever your need, DLH Online can provide the answer.

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Drum Handling Solutions - Fork lift attachments can provide safe and efficient solutions providing they are correctly specified. Low cost belly grab units may be suitable for steel drums whilst rim grip units are available for both steel and plastic drums. De-palletising drums of any design without a fork truck can be carried out safely by using either a straddle or corner de-palletiser. Straddle units allow drums to be removed from anywhere on the pallet, even when it’s against a wall. A major advantage if space is at a premium. Transporting drums was traditionally undertaken with a 2 wheeled trolley requiring the drum to be pulled backwards. This requires excessive force but models are now available that require less than 20kgs of input. Alternatively, drum dollies may suffice but their small castors need excellent surfaces to operate well. Decanting the contents can be undertaken with drum rotators fitted to fork lifts or specially designed pedestrian stackers. If an overhead hoist is available, a suspended rotator may be used. If space is limited compact units are available. Dispensing small quantities over a long period may best be handled by cradles which can be turned safely.Turningdrums ready for lifting and storing horizontally may now be undertaken with simple cradles which can be used with little effort. View range below and get prices or request and quotation DLH offer an extensive range of drum handling equipment. We endeavour to provide cost effective solutions to all your drum handling needs - Drum trucks - Drum dollies - Drum rotating trucks - Drum storage racks - Drum lifters - Fork lift drum handling attachments - Drum up-enders. Everthing you need to comply with Manual Handling Regulations. Recent innovations - particularly with that most difficult task, safely removing drums from pallets - We enable companies to provide equipment that enables drums to be moved safely, quickly and efficiently thereby meeting the legal requirements.