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Raptor Horizontal Manual Drum Tongs - DM500 - Raptor Drum Handling Equipment - Raptor - By Brand

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Raptor Horizontal Manual Drum Tongs - DM500

In stock
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“RAPTOR” Manual Horizontal Drum Tongs
Can be used with overhead crane, hoist or forklift attachment
Low cost solution with the following features

  • All steel construction.
  • For lifting 210 litre drums horizontally.
  • Suitable for open top or tight head steel drum, and plastic drums with L or XL ring.
  • The weight of drum on the jaws prevents the drum from slipping out.
To operate manual tongs
1. Place the drum tongs upon the hook of your hoist, chain block,crane, etc.
2. Lower the tongs over the drum, and make sure the tongs are secured under both rims of the drum.
3. Carefully move the drum to desired location. When the drum has been completely lowered to the floor or pallet, allow the tongs to slacken and move them away from the drum.
ModelCapacity (Kgs)Dimensions To Suit DrumDimensions Drum SizeWeight
DM500500Steel210 Litre (55 Gallon)4Kgs

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