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Mezzbarriers Case Studies

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HSE Case study highlights need for Foolproof Fall Protection in Mezzanine Openings

Following a review of a risk assessment, an employer was concerned about the risk of falls from openings along the edge of a mezzanine floor when pallets were being placed and retrieved using a forklift truck.

Delta Pallet Gate
Pallet loading Through Opening to Ist Floor Warehouse Problems: Loading through existing aperture in the floor with landing area intersected by through pallet truck access. Low headroom to existing light fitting. Confined space with through traffic.
Sigma pallet gate on platform
Pallet Loading onto Upper-Level External Loading Platform

Problems: Loading 2.27 m high pallets through existing covered platform with headroom 2.32 m, Door frame at rear or platform 2.25 m high. 

  • External location
Sliding shutter safety gate
Pallet Gate in Ist. Floor Sliding Shutter Opening

Problems: Forklift loading access to 1st. floor maintenance shop through sliding shutter doorway. Shutter doorway with limited headroom and in an area with confined space. 

Walkway pallet gate
Pallet Loading on to Narrow Walkway

Problems: Existing pallet loading access to walkway were two swing-out gates in a narrow walkway barrier. Pallets with cardboard boxes up to 1850 mm high.  As the walkway was less than the pallet depth the storeroom doors had to be open to obtain enough loading space.  A risk assessment highlighted the danger of personnel, who were constantly using the walkway for access between offices


Large pallet gate on mezzanine
Loading Large Pallet Loads onto Mezzanine

Problems: Client had an existing fabricated steel pallet gate.  Which, although seemed solidly built, it was very heavy to use and when opened the edge gate protruded over the edge. It was constantly being damaged by contact with the forklift mast. The stillage loads were very wide and high.

Zone-2-safety loading gate
Loading Zone 2 Material Handling Cage on to Upper Floor

Problems: Zone 2 Hazardous area. Existing access via staircase. Low Headroom on the 2nd level floor. Loading access required removal of existing handrail 


Pallet gate for inward opening doorway
Pallet gate used in opening with inward opening doors

 Problems: Inward opening doors for pallet loading. Very low headroom due to external overhang and even less headroom inboard of doors with sloping beam and light fittings. Narrow ledge outboard of doors when closed made externally mounted gate impossible.

Pallet gate for vacuum lifter
Pallet gate for use with vacuum handler

Problems: Loading through existing unguarded handrail aperture without adequate fall protection. Low headroom to clear crane arm. Confined workspace

Doorway with hoist loading gate
Safety Gate for Doorway with Hoist

Problem: High-level hoist doorways (Teagle openings) are particularly dangerous situations. Traditionally these have been provided with removal chains or bars across the opening and lately, the operator has been furnished with a safety harness. Safety professionals say these solutions are unsafe as even safety harnesses don't work as operators don't bother to wear the harness.

Loading dock safeyty pallet gate
Pallet gate on wide loading dock

Problems: The loading dock roller shutter was close enough to the dock edge for a conventional up and over gate.  But was over 3.5 metres wide.  The paint booth had to be moved back to accommodate the siting of the pallet gate.The gate had to be capable of accepting stacks of pallets 10 high, although the roller shutter had limited clearance. The roller shutter was routinely being left open between loading operations.This exposed any personnel to the danger of falling off the loading dock edge.Also during loading operations, personnel had additional hazard of coming into contact with moving loads.

Order picking pallet gate
Pallet Gate for Order Picking Racking System

Problems: Narrow aisles make the use of a standard up and over gates a collision hazard to forklift traffic. Low height racking with high load pallets. Pallet gates being used by all picking personnel. 


Pallet gate for corner platform
Pallet Gate for Corner Loading Platform

Problems: The loading platform was quite small and had double opening doors to a clean room tight up to the side of loading edge.The pallets were to be loaded onto a pallet truck from the side and pulled back into the clean room. It was impossible to use a standard up and over type pallet gate.

Pallet gate for roller shutter door
Pallet Gate for Roller shutter door opening

Problems gate has to be position behind roller shutter. This invariably means the gate is some distance from the edge which makes loading difficult as the forklift operator has to pace the pallet forward enough for the gate operator to close the gate