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Pallet gate used in opening with inward opening doors

Client: Clean Room Construction Company

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Requirement: Pallet Gate for a high-level doorway. 


  • Inward opening doors for pallet loading.
  • Very low headroom due to external overhang and even less headroom inboard of doors with sloping beam and light fittings.
  • Narrow ledge outboard of doors when closed made externally mounted gate impossible.
Sigma pallet gate for doorway
Sigma Gate shown closed outside clean room doors


  • Supply of  Sigma model combination low headroom double pivot edge gate mounted outboard of doors with pull down inner gate.
  • The connection of mechanism between both gates made through drilled holes in wall either side of door frame.
  • To save space when not in use, the side frames were made shorter than the pallet. The inner gate height allowed gate to swing back over to clear the rear of the pallet
  • Design allows the operator to open doors with edge barrier closed. This allows them to pull down the inner gate safely
  • Protects all personnel on the upper level whilst pallet loading is carried out.  Once the pallet has been safely landed the operator can fold back
    up the inner gate which closes the edge gate allowing safe access to the pallet.
  • Successful installation carried out by the client.
Sigma pallet gate for doorway Sigma pallet gate for doorway Sigma pallet gate for doorway
Sigma gate open outside clean room doors Sigma gate with open inner gate in clean room Sigma gate with inner gate shut in clean room


Customer feedback:

'Very impressed - I'm sure we will do business again in the future.
Jim Muir

Sigma Gate Features and benefits:

  • Galvanised Tubular steel construction
  • Supplied ready for simple installation (Partially dismantled for shipment)
  • High load clearance 
  • Clear of floor edge when open or closed
  • Balanced action provides easy opening
  • All parts are replaceable
  • Separates people from moving loads and falling from unprotected edge
  • Allows clear view of operation
  • Reinforces sense of security
  • Failsafe operation
  • The Sigma gate has a unique folding mechanism. 

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