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Tool Spring Balancers

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Tool balancers, also known as spring balancers exist to hold and counterbalance tools in a pre-set position making them essentially weightless during use. The tool balancer consists of a reel containing an extendable support cable that is suspended from an overhead line or connected to a fitting in the workplace. The tool is then connected to the tool balancer by a suspension hook and a tensioning spring inside the balancer is fine-adjusted to the weight of the tool using a tensioning knob. Tool balancers are available with different load capacities and cable travel lengths.

The major benefits are that they provide weightless operation of tools, increase operator comfort and decrease fatigue, increases productivity allowing use of tool over long periods of time and prevent tools from being dropped and damaged.

Tool spring balancers are ideal for use in industrial settings where heavy tools are commonly utilised in the same position in assembly line or bench tasks.

Possible applications of tool spring balancers include pneumatic tools, portable power tools and hydraulic tools, Resistance spot welding machines, X-Ray apparatus, Measuring machines, Compressed air equipment, XPower tools, Welding machines, Welding templates, Paint spraying apparatus and Cages. Whatever the required use, DLH Online has the right fit for you.


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Possible applications include:

Resistance spot welding machines

Measuring machines

Compressed air equipment

X-Ray apparatus

Power tools

Welding machines

Welding templates>

Paint spraying apparatus>




 Yale is part of the Columbus McKinnon Group (CMCO), one of the largest and most established lifting equipment manufacturers in the world. Yale is renowned for its quality products and ability to custom build equipment to fit customers’ precise requirements.

At DLH Online, our Yale & Tecna tool spring balancers will suit your requirements and as Yale’s main UK authorised distributor, we can supply Yale's industrial products at extremely competitive prices.

The Yale YBA Series Tool Balancers 9-70 kgs Standard and Extended Length range are very effective Spring balancers with safety feature in the event of rope breakage. YBA series spring balancers have the same technical features as the YBF series but are equipped with an extra safety feature in case of rope breakage. This mechanism automatically locks the rope in case of accidental dislodging of the suspended weight, breakage of the rope or the bottom hook. Therefore it ensures that any whipping of the rope and potential injuries to the operator or other personnel in the area is avoided.

They is used primarily in areas in which higher safety standards are applied or adverse conditions are likely, such as flying sparks, which might cause damage to the rope.

This series is available with standard and extended rope length.


Tecna balancers are a market leader in tool spring balancers in the European market. With a range from 1.2kg to 180kg and strokes from 1.6m to 3m, they cover a very broad variety of industrial load-handling applications.

A popular example is the Tecna Hose Balancers - cast aluminium body - 0,4 kgs to 5.0 kgs which feature a safety device that prevents the load from dropping if the spring were to break. Boasting a rugged construction via a die-cast aluminium body, you also benefit from an adjustable capacity within the range and an adjustable stroke limiting device. The product comes complete with an auxiliary safety cable and hose 6mm bore with 1/4” BSP male fitting. It’s maximum pressure 8 bar at 50 degrees celsius.

DLH Online, who is the main UK authorised distributor for Thern Inc., alongside being a top UK authorised distributor for the Columbus McKinnon Group (CMCO) who incorporate the Yale, Pfaff Silberblau, Steerman and Camlok brands. DLH Online is also the Main UK authorised distributor for Schilling, Eepos, Erikkila and Codipro. They are also the sole authorised Master UK distributors for Lifts All Sweden alongside being the main North West (UK) authorised distributors for Crosby, RUD, Sumner and Donati.