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Wire Rope Pulleys, Divertor & Snatch Blocks

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At DLH Online we stock a wide range of wire rope pulleys, divertors and snatch blocks from all of the trusted and reputable brands such as Pfaff Silberblau and Tractel. With different types such as mounted pulleys and rope slings alongside numerous wire capacities from 125kg to 5000kg available, DLH Online can meet all of your requirements

DLH Online’s varied range of Wire Rope Pulleys, Diverters and Snatch Blocks are engineered for use with wire rope winches and such like to divert or uprate the capacity of wire rope applications. Three main brands make up our supply in this area and all provide market-leading qualities.

Wire rope pulleys, sometimes referred to as diverter sheaves, are the ideal method of deflecting wire or synthetic rope rope in an efficient but safe fashion.
A Snatch Block is a pulley system that assists winching. The block is basically a pulley block assembly which opens to enable the simple connection of a looped rope or cable (called the 'bight') as opposed to having the laborious task of threading the cable.


Pfaff Silberblau

German brand Pfaff Silberblau are leading manufacturers of material-handling equipment and manufacture high-quality and durable products designed for high duty usage in various industrial environments. They celebrated their 150th anniversary in 2017 and since 2008, Pfaff Silberblau has been a 100% subsidiary of the USA-based giant Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

At DLH Online, our Pfaff Silberblau wire rope pulleys will fit any requirements and as a top UK authorised distributor of Pfaff Silberblau’s parent company Columbus McKinnon, DLH offers their industrial products to our customers at extremely competitive prices.

Made from top-quality steel, the DSR S Wire Rope Pulleys with Bearing are available in a wide variety of sheave diameters from 145mm up to 400mm and wire rope diameters from 5mm to 18mm. The sheaves DSR made of steel provides a safe concept: due to a wear-resistant rope guide where the machine groove is perfectly adjusted to the wire rope. 15 different options ensures a made-to-specification solution at loads of up to 5 tonnes. The sheaves’ wire and sheave diameter options vary from 145mm up to 400 mm and all sheaves are equipped with ball bearings as standard. The sheaves are one of the guiding elements within the comprehensive Pfaff Silberblau product range of wire rope pulley blocks, wire rope winches, and wire rope.


Straightpoint is the a market leader in lifting projects; supplying load link load cells, load shackles, dynamometers (provided cabled or wireless) , crane scales and also center of gravity & data-logging systems. In an industry where safety and quality are paramount, Straightpoint designs and manufactures to the highest standards, builds measurement equipment with world-class technical expertise and can deliver solutions efficiently and quickly from its many locations around the world. Straightpoint products provide load monitoring, weighing and force measurement solutions and can be found in oil and gas, shipping, construction, renewable energies, lifting and cranes, military, staging, test and inspection and mining applications.

The Straightpoint 60kn wireless impact block loadcell is a highly effective product, with a 700m or 2300 ft wireless range enabling alongside a huge battery life of 1200 hours operational time. It features a handheld display or data logging software options for all applications. Boasting a very high waterproof resistance to IP67/NEMA6, it ensures all weather usage. The end result is a highly functional product with an impressive strength to weight ratio


Established since 1941,Tractel provides material handling and lifting, load measurement and positioning products to  many needs. At DLH Online, our Tractel rope slings will suit your requirements and we can supply Tractel's hoisting products at competitive prices.

Well worth a look are the Topal TC Load Positioner for Rope Slings, the ideal product when lifting and finding the centre of gravity of out-of-balance loads with a rope sling.

DLH Online, who are is the main UK authorised distributor for Thern Inc., alongside being a top UK authorised distributor for the Columbus McKinnon Group (CMCO) who incorporate the Yale, Pfaff Silberblau, Steerman and Camlok brands. DLH Online is also the Main UK authorised distributor for Schilling, Eepos, Erikkila and Codipro. They are also the sole authorised Master UK distributors for Lifts All Sweden alongside being the main North West (UK) authorised distributors for Crosby, RUD, Sumner and Donati.