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Reel and Roll Handling

DLH Online stocks a wide range of reel and roll handling products that will suit your requirements from trusted and reputable brands such as Tractel, Lift All, Invicta and Camlock. You can narrow your search for the ideal solution by choosing from a range of reel and roll handling product types such as grabs, handlers, hooks, jacking equipment, lifters, lifting beams and lugs. Our capacities for clamps and lifting beams range from the smallest to the largest you’d ever need, so whatever you require, DLH Online can provide it!

Do you work with heavy cylinders like coils or paper reels? Moving, lifting, tilting, and turning rolls around your workspace can be dangerous if not done properly, not to mention tiring and inefficient for your staff. With the right roll handling equipment, however, lifting and movement can be made much simpler, boosting your operational productivity and reducing the need for your workers to manually lift and transport heavy goods.

Roll handling equipment comes in many shapes and sizes - and where there’s a job that needs to be done, DLH Online has the solution! We stock roll handler grabs, handlers themselves, versatile hooks, durable jacking equipment, lifters, lifting beams, material lifters, spreaders, stackers, vacuum handling solutions, and more in an array of practical clamp capacities and suspension types. If you’re looking for the very best roll handling tools at an economical price point, we’ve got brands like Camlok, Tractel, Vaculex, Lifts All, and more here for you to browse!

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