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Eyebolts, Eyenuts and Bolted Load Rings

At DLH Online we stock a wide range of eyebolts, eyenuts and bolted load rings from all of the trusted and reputable brands such as Codipro, Crosby, Yoke and RUD.

An eye bolt is a bolt with a loop at one end. They are used to firmly attach a securing eye to a structure, so that ropes or cables can then be tied to it. Eyenuts are usually fastened to metric threads to provide a strong, secure lifting point. This means that if once the load is in the right place, the eye bolts can be moved and re-used for another application. With different criteria such as the eyebolt type, eyebolt thread and ring type to name a few, DLH Online can provide what you need. Load rings can be folded and rotated into all required directions, thereby carrying the full load in any tension direction

With DLH Online you can narrow your search for the ideal solution by choosing from a range of types, such as bolted lifting lugs, bolted load rings, eyebolts, eyenuts, hoist rings, hooks, lifting points, pivot hoist rings, swivel hoist rings and swivel rings.

We are proud to offer products from leading brands in this area including Codipro, Crosby, RUD and Yoke.


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Items 1 to 24 of 50 total

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Eyebolts and Lifting Points



Codipro is a French-based, globally-renowned company in France who specialise in the manufacture of swivel lifting rings.

One such product is the Codipro Double Swivel Lifting Point - DSP, which has been especially designed to guarantee safe lifting under load. It boasts a double articulation which ensures it can line up perfectly with the sling. This swivel ring is available in stainless steel and therefore can be used in a humid, corrosive, chemical environment.

At DLH Online, our Codipro products will fit any requirements and as a UK authorised distributor DLH offers Codipro’s industrial products to our customers at extremely competitive prices.


RUD, established over 140 years ago, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of round steel chains, producing top quality lifting equipment, chain components and systems for a broad range of markets and applications. RUD sling and lashing systems ensure safety when lifting and manipulating loads. Boasting over 340 different lifting/lashing points (welded or bolted), all fully tested, in conjunction with the RUD VIP and ICE lifting chains meet the highest demands in all areas of application of future-oriented lashing and lifting equipment.

The RUD VLBG Load Ring with max. Length Bolt Metric Thread has a  M14 to M48 metric thread, extended thread lengths (Vario) alongside locking nut and washer. It rotates 360 degrees, with 180 degree pivoting.

At DLH Online, our RUD products will fit any requirements and as a UK authorised distributor DLH offers RUD’s products to our customers at lower prices.


Yoke Industrial Corporation is a leading international manufacturer of high quality Lifting Products. Based in Taiwan for over 25 years, it specialises in the  manufacturer of lifting fittings for chain, wire rope and webbing slings.

TheYOKE G10 Swivel Lifting Point/Ring Metric Threadoffers M8 to M48 Metric threads , Standard and extended thread lengths. This makes them ideally-suited for mold and die handling, Pump and valve handling and also for lashing attachment points. They are also well-suited for attachment to lifting beams and spreader beams with their 360° rotation and 90° degree pivot functionality.

At DLH Online, our Yoke products will fit any requirements and as a UK authorised distributor DLH offers Yoke’s industrial products to our customers at extremely competitive prices.


A trusted brand for over 130 years, The Crosby Group is a global leader in the material handling industry with premier shackle, hook and block products for rigging and lifting.

Crosby G209R - ROV SHACKLES demonstrate capacities from 6-1/2t all the way up to 55 tonnes.Constructed from forged Steel, quenched and tempered with alloy pins, their Working Load Limit is permanently displayed on every shackle. All ROV shackle bows, unless otherwise noted, are galvanized, then painted fluorescent yellow.

At DLH Online, our Crosby products will fit any requirements and as a UK authorised distributor DLH offers Crosby’s industrial products to our customers at extremely competitive prices.

DLH Online, who are the main UK authorised distributor for Thern Inc., alongside being a top UK authorised distributor for the Columbus McKinnon Group (CMCO) who incorporate the Yale, Pfaff Silberblau, Steerman and Camlok brands. DLH Online is also the Main UK authorised distributor for Schilling, Eepos, Erikkila and Codipro. They are also the sole authorised Master UK distributors for Lifts All Sweden alongside being the main North West (UK) authorised distributors for Crosby, RUD, Hackett, Sumner and Donati.  



Our 28 page comprehensive guide is available to view online or for PDF download. It includes essential information for specifiers, buyers and users on the types available with a loadings comparison chart. Plus information on applications, safe use and inspection.

Alternatively, please don't hesitate to call our sales team on 0161 223 1990. All of the eyebolts offered below are suitable for lifting purposes.New rangeof Codipro Swivel Lifting Rings and Eyebolts now available from us.