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LHS - BUX Magnets


Lift Hold & Separate supply the very best high-quality and technically advanced magnets, all manufactured in Europe. With over 75 years of industry experience, LHS have a flexible approach to design solutions and can provide bespoke magnets for dedicated applications, all standard products are available for next day delivery.

BUX and BAXX Permanent Lifting Magnets

70 years of professional industry experience has made LHS-BUX Magnets a leading brand of lifting and handling equipment in both Europe and the UK. Specialising uniquely in magnetic technologies such as lifters, clamps, and magnets, LHS products are advanced solutions for moving heavy steel equipment and loads, such as scaffolding, automotive parts, pipes, and more. LHS-BUX Magnets use cutting-edge ferromagnetic systems to help businesses streamline operations, while also designing parts and pieces for use in customisable magnetic solutions.

In our DLH Online LHS-BUX Magnets catalogue it is possible to browse, order, and customise a range of magnetic lifters and magnets. Our large array of LHS solutions caters to wide-ranging industry applications and include lifting clamps, lifting magnets, and more. Browse our vast array of LHS-BUX series and models by clamp capacity, clamp type, and clamp material to choose the ideal solution for your business lifting applications.