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DLH Online can provide standard and bespoke stationary and mobile gantry cranes, in both steel and aluminium constructions.

These mobile gantries, sometimes known as A-frame or portable gantry cranes, are ideally suited to undertaking a level lift in a small or confined space such as rooftops or lift shafts.

Mobile gantry cranes can provide a temporary or portable gantry solution when it’s unfeasible to employ a permanent gantry. They combine their versatility with strength and stability to help ensure a safe and secure operation.

Standard and bespoke stationary and mobile gantry cranes, in aluminium and steel - If you don't find the right model for your application, please contact our sales team on 0161 223 1990 or by email on


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A German-based company with vast experience of producing quality products, DLH is happy to offer our customers the Schilling product range, including some of these market-leading lifting equipment products: Portable Aluminium Gantry Cranes, Aluminium shearlegs, various Lifting Equipment, accessories and customised equipment.

At DLH Online, our Schilling mobile and portable gantry cranes will suit your needs and we supply Schilling's industrial products at very competitive prices.   

The Aluminium Gantry Cranes, Mobile with 3 height ranges, load capacity 1,000 kg and 1,500 kg (Separable Beam ) are aluminium gantry cranes, with a single-beam 4 metre two-piece beam (separable resp. pluggable) mobile model, with a load capacity 1,000 kg and 1,500 kg across 3 height ranges.As adjustable lightweight alloy lifting gantries, they use castors and are therefore movable under load. The gantry is vertically adjustable on the central vertical column and also offers a horizontal adjustment that is simple and endlessly adjustable. Each of the legs and  vertical supports collapses for ease of transport, making the gantry easily transportable to other working areas. The braked load trolley is included as a standard for the 'box section' top lifting beam and the trolley is a low-headroom design providing a safe and smooth means of traversing a load.

This Gantry Crane Includes Parking brake trolley, an integrated horizontal adjuster and directional locking castors (i.e wheels with fixed directions).

These 4 steel castors are made from heavy-duty polyurethane. By releasing the fixed direction wheels the crane can then be moved freely and by using the brake system the crane can be secured in its desired position. The crane is equipped with lateral brakes on both sides of the lifting gantry, ensuring  extra stability.


Sumner Manufacturing is an American was established back in the 1960s and the Sumner range of site lifting & handling products make easy work of the lifting and manoeuvring of large loads

At DLH Online, our Sumner mobile and portable gantries will suit a range of different needs and as the main North West (UK) authorised distributors of Sumner products, we can supply their industrial products to our customers at great value prices.

A well-regarded and versatile gantry is the Sumner GH3/4T Aluminium Adjustable Gantry ( 750kg ) The basic price is for 'A' frames and beam trolley only, but DLH Online customers can add beam(s), castors and additional trolley as required. The hoist is not included as standard but can again be ordered separately.

The gantry’s standard features include 2 A-Frames with Trolley, Cross Beam and all attaching hardware, Aluminium Frames & Beam, a choice of 8" (200 mm) Locking Castors or 10" (254 mm) flat-free double locking castors. It also coffers with an unassisted height adjustment feature, an adjustable Span and Pinch Point Free.

Available in  3 m, 4 m & 5 m sizes, 0.75 Metric Tonnes 750 kg, the  Sumner GH3/4T Aluminium Adjustable Gantry is regarded as a lightweight and portable item that can be assembled easily by 2 people.