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Lifting Davits

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    Thern Lifting Davits

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    CMU Lifting Davits

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    UK Lifting Davits

Additional Information

Lifting davits are a very effective solution for remote work site applications where standard cranes and standard lifting apparatus would be too cumbersome or expensive to put in place.

Most people generally consider lifting davits to be primarily utilised on ships and boats for lifting and lowering small craft. However industrial lifting davits cover a much wider range of duties in portable and stationary applications in many other locations including tall structures, roof tops, workshops, vehicles, utility works and below ground, in addition to marine uses. Standard lifting davits are available with manual or powered hoist and or winch lifting apparatus. These are generally designed solely for lifting goods and machinery and are therefore unsuitable for carrying people.

However, certified man-riding models are also available for suspension and rescue requirements. We provide custom engineered systems across all the industries we serve, providing either a standard or bespoke davit to meet all your requirements. Although we offer a wide variety of standard products, we are aware that many projects are unique and therefore require unique solutions accordingly. DLH takes great pride in excelling on those specific challenges.