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Box and Carton Handling

DLH Online stocks numerous Box and Carton Handling products that will suit your requirements, all from trusted and reliable brands such as Lift All & Pfaff Silberblau. You can narrow your search for the right solution by choosing from a range of box and carton handling product types such as convertors, material lifters, stackers, static pallet lift tables and vacuum handling items..So in a nutshell, DLH Online has all you’ll ever need!

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Category Description

Weightless box / carton lifting: These user-friendly, easy to use vacuum box lifters and crate grippers are perfect for handling boxed materails amd boxed goods. These lifters are ideal for the food, beverages, logistics, electrical and pharmaceutical industries.

Prevent injuries and save costs:Continuous handling can cause serious debilitating back injuries. These can easily be be prevented using the right equipment. By installing a vacuum box lifter or crate gripper/lifter system you can provide your workers with a cost-effective handling system which will have definite health and safety benefits for your employers. These flexiblle and quick-operating systems will eleviate the manual handling risks and provide improved productivity. Plus possible reductions in retraining costs and limit your chances for liability claims.

A complete handling system: We can also supply overhead track cranesfixed or movable jib cranes for box and carton handling in any work area,  Conform to statutory safety regulations.

Box lifting trolleys: Moving and positioning of boxes and cartons in a work station can cause back problems if lifting the box requires the operator to bend.  Using a box lifting table can raise the load for upright handling at working height, which is a lot safer.

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