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Lifts All BASIC Ergonomic Handler with interchangeable vacuum cups - Warehouse and Storage - By Industry - Vacuum Lifting

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Lifts All BASIC Ergonomic Handler with interchangeable vacuum cups

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In stock

Key Features

  • Powered by compressed air
  • interchangeable vacuum cups for sacks, boxes etc
  • Many configurations are possible to cover your working envelope
  • easy to use and safe in operation - anti-drop low vacuum automatic lowering
  • Request an evaluation for your project today!
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Repetitive handling of boxes, cans, small drums and sacks made easier!
Max load: 50 kg
Lift height: 1,5 m
Driven by: Compressed air 6-7 bar
Rotation of the load: Endless

Basic is an all-round lift, perfect for distribution centres and warehouses where lifting of boxes etc. need to be quick and smooth.
Controlling the Lifts -  As soon as Basic’s vacuum head lands e.g. on the carton box, it is automatically attached and ready to lift. The user controls the speed and the height of the gripper proportionally with the two buttons for up and down. The more a button is pressed down, the faster Basic moves up or down. Thanks to the proportionality, and the endless rotation of the vacuum head, the box is easily placed in the wanted position. Careful and exact or - for maximised handling speed - the box can be released in the air by a distinct push with the thumb on the red release button.

Quick Learning - Quick Lifting
The handle is specially designed to suit both left and right-handed users, no matter the hand size. No modifications are needed to change from the right hand to the left hand. Due to the ergonomic design and the instinctive control, new users easily learn how to use Basic. The difference from lifting manually or with another lifting tool is obvious.

Safety First
Basic is a safe lifting tool. It never allows lifting if the vacuum level is below what has been preset. If the vacuum level in the suction cups drops during lifting, Basic will slowly lower. To release the load there are two options:
1. Release in the air - a distinct push on the red release button releases the load.
2. Unload first - will not release the load until it is resting safely on a surface and the user pushes the red release button.
Reliable Pneumatic Technology
Lifts All have experience of manufacturing lifting tools since 1994. Thousands of unique lift solutions have been made. With our long experience and this reliable technology, we have been able to develop Basic.
Rotation of vacuum head: Endless
Noise level - carton: 55 dB
Noise level - airtight: 0 dB


Basic is pneumatically driven and only requires a few per cent of the energy needed by traditional vacuum lifters. This leads to beneficial effects on both economy and environment, as well as making the lifter silent.

Smarter Air Consumption - Unlike traditional vacuum lifters Basic knows when to switch on and off. The clever auto start turns on as soon as the vacuum cup lands on a surface. If the surface is airtight Basic immediately stops consuming air, even during the lift. When lifting a rugged carton box, for example, Basic will only consume precisely as much air as it needs to keep a decent vacuum level.

And the biggest difference
No waste of energy when the gripper is not carrying any load or when it is not in use. Did we mention that Basic knows when to switch on and off?

Energy Saving is Standard
The energy saving system is standard and always included in the Basic package. Ask us for an energy savings calculation for your company!


Single Small

Cup diameter: 110 mm

Max load - carton: 12 kg

Max load - flat air tight: 22 kg

Single Medium

Cup diameter: 150 mm

Max load - carton: 25 kg

Max load - flat air tight: 43 kg

Single Large

Cup diameter: 200 mm

Max load - carton: Not applicable

Max load - flat air tight: 50 kg

I-frame Small

Cup diameter: 75 mm

Outer distance (A): 277 mm

Cups distance (B): 111 mm

Center distance (CC): 194 mm

Max load - carton: 12 kg

Max load - flat air tight: 20 kg

I-frame Medium

Cup diameter: 110 mm

Outer distance (A): 318 mm

Cups distance (B): 70 mm

Center distance (CC): 194 mm

Max load - carton: 24 kg

Max load - flat air tight: 44 kg

I-frame Large

Cup diameter: 150 mm

Outer distance (A): 360 mm

Cups distance (B): 28 mm

Center distance (CC): 194 mm

Max load - carton: 50 kg

Max load - flat air tight: 50 kg

H-frame Small

Cup diameter: 75 mm

Outer distance (A): 228 mm

Cups distance (B): 62 mm

Center distance (CC): 145 mm

Max load - carton: 24 kg

Max load - flat air tight: 40 kg

H-frame Medium

Cup diameter: 110 mm

Outer distance (A): 269

Cups distance (B): 21 mm

Center distance (CC): 145 mm

Max load - carton: 50 kg

Max load - flat air tight: 50 kg


Sack Frame Medium

Length: 425 mm

Width: 275 mm

Max load: 50 kg


Please note:

- Safety factor 2 is included in all max loads.

- Cup diameters are approximate.

- Contact us for tailor-made
I-frames and H-frames



The quick connection makes Basic multi-facetted. The user switches applications in an instant for the different loads, materials, weights and sizes. The integral lifting hook is always there, easily flipped down, when a vacuum cup can’t get a grip.


Swiveling Ball Joint for heavy loads where the weight is divided unevenly or if the grip surface is uneven.  Lets the vacuum head and load pivot 15 degrees. Easy to change.

Loads of other attachments and crane systems available from the Liftsall range - New mobile jib crane now available.

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