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Overhead cranes are very common in manufacturing environments, where repetitive production, assembly, and packaging tasks take place across the whole workshop. They are also a practical and safe solution where forklift trucks must frequently be loaded, or where restricted floor space makes standing cranes impossible.

At DLH Online, you’ll find a range of long-lasting overhead cranes for your workspace, from eight different industry-leading manufacturers. Whether you are after a bridge crane, jib crane, or wall-mounted solution, we have got an answer—browse our overhead cranes and take your pick from brands such as Niko, Eepos, Lifts All, Sumner,Vaculex, Mezzbarriers, Invicta, and Erikkila.

The Niko Lightweight Profile Crane system offers many benefits both as an overhead and as a lightweight solution. If your job requires a bridge span of up to 12 metres, this Lightweight Overhead Crane System can be modified with ease, which comes in handy if your working system alters over time. Both powered travel and manual cranes can be used with this track system, which comes with either resilient zinc or stainless steel parts.