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Mezzbarriers is a division of DALE Lifting and Handling Specialists
Manufacturer of standard and custom-built pallet gates for mezzanine floors, high-level platforms, openings, and doorways. Also handrail kits and industrial fall protection safety gates.

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Is Your Existing High-Level Loading Access Point Fall Protection Adequate?

Even if you have installed a swing gate, sliding (trombone) gate, removable bars or chains, they are still dangerous to operate.
These can often be left open and are accidents waiting to happen! Even safety harnesses don't solve the problem as they only protect the wearer if they remember to put it on!

What Does The HSE Guidance Say?

' You will need to provide a double barriers system that maintains a continuous barrier between people and the platform edge. Thereby, preventing anyone from falling through the opening'.

In an HSE case study:'Specifically for a mezzanine opening, it was assessed that the best way to safeguard staff was to install a pallet gate system of ' pivoting safety barriers' around the load area providing ' continuous edge protection’.

Is A Safe Answer Possible?

Mezzbarriers can provide you with a safe and cost-effective pallet gate or loading barrier system for our loading access point. Mezz Barriers pallet and loading gate systems offer a range of solutions that meet all; access situations. From an economic pallet gate for occasional use to a complex doorway loading situation. Please take a look out our Case Studies page for some of the innovative edge protection solutions possible.

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