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Pneumatic Hoists

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Pneumatic hoists, otherwise known as air hoists, do not require electricity to run. Compressed air is used to power equipment in this category, meaning that pneumatic hoists can be used constantly without overheating. Similarly, they are resilient pieces of equipment that make them ideal for use in harsh environments.

At DLH Online we provide a selection of superb pneumatic hoists from market-leading brands such as Lifts All and Yale.


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Tiger Pneumatic Hoists

Tiger industrial air hoists are designed specifically for industrial and general engineering applications such as automotive plants, foundries, heat treatment plants, zinc refineries and acid battery manufacturing facilities. The hoists operate at air pressures of between 4 and 6 bar. They comply with the requirements of ASME B30.16 and EN14492-2. The manufacturing facility producing the hoists is ISO9001, ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 certified.

Yale Pneumatic Hoists

Yale is an internationally respected designer and manufacturer of lifting and handling equipment. The brand produces top-quality solutions for a vast diversity of industrial work sites, construction sites, manufacturing and automotive industries. DLH Online are delighted to provide our clients with an array of well-designed, excellent Yale Pneumatic Hoists that are secure, safe, and will help you boost the productivity of your work site.

The Yale CPA " Heavy Duty " Pneumatic Air Chain Hoist is an exemplary lifting solution for heavier loads and boasts a lifting capacity of between 1,000 kg and 2,000 kg. At the same time, the CPA Heavy Duty Hoist is singularly quiet compared to a lot of other hoists thanks to a large dimension silencer. The 2 resp 4-button pendant controller comes with sensitive controls and an emergency stop function for safer lifting. Choose between a secure suspension hook or an integrated trolley depending on your specific needs. We offer the CPA 20-8, CPA 30-6, CPA 40-4, and CPA Models of the Yale CPA Heavy Duty Pneumatic Air Chain Hoist , which can lift loads of 2000 kg, 3000 kg, 4000 kg, and 5000 kg capacity respectively. We also offer optional accessories for easier, ergonomic lifting on your work site such as a pneumatic trolley, rope control, stainless steel load chain, and longer lifts to cover all your company needs. With our Yale pneumatic hoists, high quality and efficiency are always guaranteed.

As one of the UK’s top distributors for the Columbus McKinnon Group (CMCO), who include the Yale brand, DLH Online are proud to offer our customers a significant discount on the recommended retail price for our Yale Pneumatic Hoists .

Lifts All Pneumatic Hoists

Lifts All is based in Sweden and has been producing Bal-Trol pneumatic lifting and gripping equipment since 1981. The company is known for crafting bespoke lifting solutions, and at DLH Online we are happy to help you find the right Lifts All pneumatic hoists to suit your unique requirements.

Lifts All Bal-Trol Weightless Handling solutions come in many different configurations, so whether you're lifting cargo, tubes, cylinders, car parts, or plate, you'll always find what you're looking for. Lifts All's Bal-Trol single-acting pneumatic cylinder can is height-adjustable between 1.5 metres and 8 metres, making it exceptionally flexible and adaptable. While it has a load capacity of 600 kg, the aluminium unit itself is incredibly lightweight. This means it is very simple and convenient to move in a jib crane or overhead rail system.

At DLH Online we have Mini Bal-Trol units in three different models that are compatible with the Pro Speed-Handle and Load Balancing for many different applications while being lightweight and ideal for saving space. We also offer three different Compact Bal-Trol Models, and at the top of the range are our nine different Lifts All Full Scale Bal-Trol Models that will lift between 25 kg and 600 kg.

Being the exclusive authorised Master UK distributors for Lifts All Sweden, we are able to give our clients Lifts All pneumatic hoists at competitively low prices.

If you have any questions about the design and installation of your Pneumatic Hoist or any other lifting equipment, our DLH Online Sales team are happy to answer them. We are also able to give you advice and assistance regarding any special controls you may need or any concerns you have about how your equipment can be used in special environments.

DLH Online is the main UK authorised distributor for Thern Inc., alongside being a top UK authorised distributor for the Columbus McKinnon Group (CMCO) who incorporate the Yale, Pfaff Silberblau, Steerman, and Camlok brands. DLH Online is also the Main UK-authorised distributor for Eepos, Schilling, Erikkila, and Codipro. They are also the exclusive authorised Master UK distributors for Lifts All Sweden alongside being the key North West (UK) authorised distributors for Crosby, RUD and Donati and Sumner.