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Vacuum lifters and grippers optimised for the wood and uPVC products in the door and window industry

As a long-established supplier of lifting and handling equipment, DALE has assembled a comprehensive range of products specifically for the beer and beverage industries

Lifts All© pneumatically powered lifters - offer many lifting aids for lifting and handling doors, window frames and boards. Depending on the desired handling, we can tailor lifts that can, among other things, rotate and turn doors, frames and panels to facilitate difficult handling situations instead of manually lifting the load.

These handling tools provide  weightless operation from aluminium crane systems and swing jibs

You can buy online or request a quotation online for the most appropriate product to suit your application. In addition, our in-house technical sales team can work with you to answer all of your questions and then provide the most reliable product from our range standard products or a bespoke solution to suit your exact requirements.


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A quality door lifter can make a big difference to your firm’s efficiency and safety, helping your staff to carry out assembly and positioning tasks with only a reasonable amount of manual labour. Whether you are a contractor, factory manager, or involved in construction, it can be invaluable to have a reliable material lift that’s designed specifically for the job. 

You’ll find plenty of quality door lifters in our DLH Online collection of material handling equipment, created and constructed by well-known brands like Vaculex and Lifts All. Our lifting solutions have been carefully selected to ensure you know just what to pick for your job or company.

Time-efficient sheet handling with Tawi vacuum sheet gripper - Grip, tilt and rotate large sheets easy and efficient with an ergonomic vacuum gripper. With TAWI Grip-it is easy to grip big and heavy sheets. This smart tool allows anyone to handle sheets up to 500 kilos with minimal effort. There is no need to be big or strong, everyone can lift, resulting in an equal and efficient business with a flexible workforce. The number of suction cups is adapted for your load so that the tool is always ideal for your lifting needs. The gripper is easily mounted in a hoist, for safe and efficient lifting.


Vaculex door lifts are designed to a high standard that has won the brand plenty of world-wide recognition in the lifting and handling industries. We stock products such as the Vaculex TP Vacuum Lifter with integrated Weigh Scale up to 45 kg capacity and the Vaculex Microlex Vacuum Lifter - ML - 5 kg to 55 kg capacity which have been carefully engineered for specialised applications such as assembling and installing doors and flat materials. Each Vaculex product undergoes stringent quality tests, and our status as an authorised Vaculex reseller allows us to slash the price of each product to save you money. 

The Vaculex Vacuum Lifter - VL 30-200 kg capacity includes a range of ergonomic design elements to facilitate smooth movement and transport of sheet materials and doors. This tube vacuum lifter is easy to use with two hands and can be configured to meet your team’s requirements. We stock and deliver compatible door lifter accessories for the Vaculex VL, such as a yoke foot, regular suction foot, cross yoke foot, and more. Designed with safety firmly in mind, the VL comes with anti-drop low vacuum automatic lowering and boasts low maintenance costs to save you money in the long-term.

Lifts All lifters are designed by Swedish-based engineers at the cutting-edge of the vacuum lifting field. We stock a generous selection of car door lifts to improve your work day and boost the efficiency of your team - our Lifts All Car Door Lifters range is sure to have the product your company needs. Designed exclusively for use in the automotive industry, these bespoke lifters are built with the restricted space of a workshop in mind. This lifter range features load balancers that enable the user +/- 10 cm of direct, hands-on control, as well as an advanced grab and load balancer which can be suspended easily from a jib crane or overhead track crane. We are able to design and install your Lifts All door lifting system as a complete package when you request a quotation online. 

Another specialised product is the Lifts All Floor, Ceiling or Wall Mounted Articulated Maxi-Crane for repetitive handling jobs up to 100 kgs capacity, which is compatible with a wide array of different Lifts All pneumatic tools. Save manual effort on repetitive handling tasks and automate the door lifting process for more accurate, secure installation or positioning with the versatile Maxi-Crane for a variety of environments. The Maxi-Crane can be used with vacuum cup attachments and load grippers and is ideal for board and door lifting applications; with smooth rotation and a low boom for low ceiling workplaces, this innovative lifter is quiet, energy-efficient, and easy to use. Handle loads of up to 100kg and enjoy a calmer, safer, and more productive workplace!

Want more guidance or information to help you choose a great door lifter? We’re here to answer your questions about custom controls, special environments, or bespoke configurations that might make your lifter all the more convenient. Get in touch to speak to our DLH Online team members and learn more about our lifter products!

DLH Online is the main UK authorised distributor for Thern Inc., alongside being the top UK authorised distributor for the Columbus McKinnon Group (CMCO) who incorporate the Yale, Pfaff Silberblau, Steerman and Camlok brands. DLH Online is also the Main UK-authorised distributor for Eepos, Schilling, Erikkila and Codipro. They are also the exclusive authorised Master UK distributors for Lifts All Sweden alongside being the key North West (UK) authorised distributors for Crosby, RUD and Donati and Sumner.