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Jib Cranes are made up of a horizontal load-supporting boom attached to a pivoting vertical column that is either building-mounted free-standing. They enable the efficient lowering and lifting of a load within a fixed rotation arc. Jib cranes are broken down into two main categories, namely floor-mounted and wall-mounted cranes. The floor-mounted cranes are attached to a fixed support base and wall-mounted cranes being attached to a wall or structural support of some type. They are highly versatile crane systems that enable efficient lifting in all manner of different scenarios and environments.

To complement our in-house bespoke design jib crane and installation services, DLH Online is also the main UK agent for Donati Jib cranes. These include overbraced swing jib cranes, cantilever beam swing jib cranes, articulating jib cranes, manipulator jib cranes for floor standing and wall mounted applications and Erikkila jib cranes.

Our range of swing jib cranes are available for indoor and outdoor use. Manual and powered rotation is available on wall-mounted jib cranes or column-mounted jib cranes.

In addition to standard jib cranes which are available with overbraced or cantilever beams, DLH Online also provides articulated jib cranes for use with standard hoist or manipulators and portable jib cranes for rapid deployment to various working areas.


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Donati Jib Crane

The Donati brand was established in Italy way back in 1930 and it has progressed to become a leading international supplier of quality lifting products including chain hoists, wire rope hoists and jib cranes.

The Donati GBA Overbraced Profile Section Free Standing Jib Cranes up to 1,000 kg capacity are manually rotating jib cranes with capacities ranging from 63kg to 1000 kg.

These cranes come supplied with an integral push travel hoist trolley, a choice of fixing surface mounted counter plate or template and foundation bolts and a choice of hoist options.

However jibs can be supplied with the following variable options:The Donati 400V 3ph 50Hz electric chain hoist with either single or dual speed and low voltage pendant. Alternatively 110V and 240V electric hoists and other brands, manual or pneumatic hoist are available on request. Special reach and height options exist and 400v 3ph. 50 Hz Electric feed system with festooned cables and main/off switch on the column is an option. There is the option of foundation bolts and template or by the addition of an extended counter plate which can be used with chemical anchor fixings , assuming a suitable existing concrete floor.

For more information on Donati Jib Cranes Click here

Lifts All Jib Crane

Lifts All is a Swedish manufacturing company located in Stockholm, Sweden that has been established since 1981. Specialising in ergonomically-developed lifting equipment to replace manual lifts and therefore reduce work-related and wear & tear injuries, Lifts All products utilise compressed air technology and they predominantly service the car, brewery and pharmaceutical industries.

The Lifts All Floor, Ceiling or Wall Mounted Articulated Flexi-Crane for repetitive handling jobs up to 65 kgs capacity  is powered by compressed air and fitted with Bal-trol load balancer.

This crane suits a host of load grippers, whether vacuum, magnet or mechanical. Special load attachments can be designed to meet specific requirements. As a result of the crane’s compact size and low weight it can be easily and quickly installed at a low cost. The low weight combined with low friction in the lifting arm joints makes Flexi Crane very quiet and easy to work with.

Also the endlessly-rotating boom only adds to the efficiency as it rotates a full turn, endlessly. Thanks to the Flexi Cranes flexibility and responsiveness it comfortably outperforms all comparable lightweight cranes, jib cranes and articulated jibs.

In addition to the boom, the clever design of air intake means that the arm can actually rotate, not only a full turn - but non-stop.

Eepos Jib Crane

Eepos jib cranes offered by DLH Online include the Eepos Column Mounted Swing Jib Cranes with lightweight aluminium arm up to 500kg capacity which are ultra-lightweight jib cranes with easy glide trolley that offer excellent features for repetitive handling tasks.

Some of the benefits and design features include innovative profile shapes for highest load and minimum deflection, very light turning thanks to the novel pivot mechanism, four different crane profiles for optimal price-performance ratio and minimal motion forces

Alongside the special version available which has the secondary underslung run-out beam for access to machines etc. All versions can be fitted with electric chain hoists and therefore pneumatically controlled. It boasts Bal-Trol balancers and electric or air powered manipulating hoist and for electric connections, a crane master switch is integrated into the column.  

The Eepos Wall Mounted Swing Jib Cranes with lightweight aluminium arm up to 500kg capacity are ultra-lightweight jib cranes with easy glide trolleys that are ideally-suited to repetitive handling tasks. With a maximum boom length of 6 metres and capacities ranging from 125, 160, 250, 320 up to 500 kg, they offer innovative profile shapes for the highest load and minimum deflection. The cranes can be fitted with electric chain hoists and pneumatically controlled. Custom options exist such as underslung run-out beam for machine loading.

DLH Online is the Main North West-authorised distributor for Donati products, alongside the Crosby, RUD and Sumner brands. DLH online is also a top UK authorised distributor for the Columbus McKinnon Group (CMCO) who incorporate the Yale, Pfaff Silberblau, Steerman and Camlok brands.   

To help you with your model choice - please click here to read our "Guide to workstation Jib cranes " which answers your questions on types available, duty ratings and installation. Read safe use instructions for swing jib cranes.