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Food and Pharmaceutical industries


I need to lift food

To help companies lift and handle food, Lifts All have developed several lifts that are made of blast stainless steel. The lifting tools are used in many cleanroom environments to pack and lift food previously handled. Lifts All has, among other things, created lifting devices for lifting unpacked foods such as cheese and butter, but also lifting tools for dunnels and dredges that can be rotated as needed. Thanks to these materials, the lifting equipment can be easily cleaned and kept in good hygiene. Depending on food handling requirements, the lifts can also be polished to different degrees.

Medicines in a clean room environment

To lift the drugs in a clean room environment, we have developed the lifts are made of sandblasted or polished stainless steel that can quickly and easily cleaned. All lifting devices are tailored and can be polished depending on your wishes. Lifts All include manufactured gripper that can lift the container with tablets for further handling and sacks of powder to be emptied out of containers. The handling is heavy and difficult to do in advance, therefore our lifting tools have been very popular among pharmaceutical companies.


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