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Lifting Beams & Spreader Beams

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At DLH Online we stock a wide range of lifting beams and spreader beams from all of the trusted and reputable brands such as Invicta, Tractel, Raptor and Schilling. With different criteria such as the lifting beam top suspension type, beam lift capacity, lifting beam material and lifting beam span to name a few, DLH Online has got all the boxes ticked!

All of DLH Online’s lifting beams, spreader beams, spreader bars and lifting frames can be manufactured to your load specific application such as, big bags, freight containers, boats and machines or general lifting applications from 10 kg to 100 tonnes or more. Fixed or adjustable load centres, adjustable centre of gravity etc. Proof load test report and declaration of conformity is provided. Every beam is CAD designed and manufactured to individual customer's requirements and with specifications in accordance with standard BS EN13155 and LEEA Guidance. Beams are marked with CE, SWL and are ID-numbered.

Lifting beams and spreader beams are different types of lifting devices used to stabilise and support a load in the process of an overhead lift. Both are used to keep the lifting slings below the device at or near a 90° angle (perpendicular to the horizon). This helps to prevent any damage to the load, or to rigging hardware and lifting slings, whilst helping to ensure that the slings do not slide off the load during the lift.


Find out more about Lifting Beams & Spreader Beams from DLH Online

Lifting Beams are generally made from carbon steel with a painted finish. However, some variations can be made in stainless steel and or lightweight high strength aluminium. The range offered below is shown as a general guide for standard types within our range and the actual design may vary according to customers specific requirements. On receipt of a purchase order we will provide a general arrangement drawing for design approval prior to manufacture. You may like to read our Comprehensive Guide to Lifting beams and spreaders - Essential for buyers, specifiers and responsible persons. Email with your specific requirements or choose from our standard range - Note: All beams are made to order. Standard delivery is around 3 working weeks (Please contact us if this is outside your requirements).

Spreader beams convert lifting loads into compressive forces in the bar and tensile forces in the slings. As a result, spreader beams are extremely efficient in their use of material, so they tend to be lighter, smaller and less costly to design and manufacture than  lifting beams. Also due to them using two lifting points instead of one, the weight of the load is distributed more evenly across the beam, thereby removing the stress on one single lifting point. (Hence the name ‘spreader!’) Spreader beams are ideal for lifting extremely wide or heavy-duty loads. From a safety aspect, spreader beams offer many advantages as they help to control the load and can lessen the chances of load sliding or tipping and also crushing or damage to the load.

Lifting beams essentially convert lifting loads into bending forces on the beam. A lifting beam has a simple design consisting of a beam with a single attachment point centered on the top side of the beam for connecting to a crane, hoist, or other lifting machine. Some lifting beams may have two bails in order to engage two crane or hoist hooks. There are typically two or more evenly-spaced lifting lugs on the underside of the beam that attach to and support the load via hook or sling. Lifting beams are well-suited to lighter and more narrow lifts that don’t require too much space. As there is one single bail attachment on the top for the crane to attach on to it does not need as much headroom as a spreader beam. Lifting beams are rigid and made for heavy-duty usage, i.e for loads that are too flexible or weak to be lifted without proper support.

Invicta Lifting Beams and Spreaders

Invicta Forks & Attachments is the largest manufacturer of mechanical fork attachments in the UK and they also produce extensions, access platforms, grabs, skips & mechanical attachments, as well as equipment designed to lift barrels, spreader beams, lifting beams, bricks, pipes and other unusual loads.

At DLH Online, our Invicta lifting beams will suit your requirements and we supply Invicta’s industrial products at extremely competitive prices.   

For example, the Invicta Roll / Liner Lifting Spreader Beam 1700 kg Capacity is a 1.7 tonne general purpose spreader beam complete with chains. The crane / excavator slung spreader beam is an ideal attachment for construction use with the lifting and laying of rolls and liners as used on landfill sites, man-made ponds and bankings for example. Its standard features include the main spreader bar 250 mm wider than core bar length, a set of two drop chains 762mm long with shackles and 2 leg chain with single lifting ring.

Raptor Lifting Beams and Spreaders

Raptor provide a comprehensive range of lifting equipment and handling equipment including forklift attachments, drum handling, lifting beams and load-moving products. Having been established as a manufacturer since 1969, the Raptor brand was introduced to market in 2008 and has proven very popular due to providing offering an all round range of gear suitable for lifting, rigging, material handling and load moving.

At DLH Online, our Raptor lifting beams will suit your requirements and we supply Raptor's industrial products at extremely competitive prices.   

The Jumbo Big Bag Lifting Beam 2,000 kg capacity at 2000 mm loop centres is an extra large size Big Bag cruciform lifting beam that comes complete with centre lifting eye and four low headroom top pick up points to suit standard bag loop 2000mm centres. It has a safe working load rating of 2000 kg and s CE marked and has an identification number with a declaration of conformity. The model AR.N 2000 Net weight 55 kgs but there are other configurations and capacities available.

Schilling Lifting Beams and Spreaders

A German-based company with vast experience of producing quality products, we are pleased to present to you the Schilling product range with the following innovative range of products: Aluminium Gantry Cranes, Aluminium shearlegs, Various Lifting Equipment , Accessories and Custom-Made Equipment.

At DLH Online, our Schilling lifting beams will suit your requirements and we supply Schilling's industrial products at extremely competitive prices.   

The ADJUSTABLE ALUMINIUM H-BAR LIFTING BEAMS - 1T TO 3T CAPACITY are H-bar aluminium adjustable lifting beams suited for the lifting of various loads up to 3 tonnes in spans from 2 to 5 metres. They are equipped with 4 articulating, rotating hooks with forged safety latches, alongside tea-resistant eyelets for use with synthetic slings and cables, etc.

Tractel Lifting Beams and Spreaders

Established since 1941,Tractel provides material handling and lifting, load measurement, suspended working platforms and fall arrest safety equipment to numerous countries around the world.

At DLH Online, our Tractel lifting beams will suit your requirements and we can supply Tractel's hoisting products at competitive prices.

The Fixed Lifting Beam Type PEF 1t to 6t upto 5 metres span are a range of lifting beams that have fixed load-centre distance fitted with 2 lower attachment components. Each lower attachment point enables a shackle to be attached on which lifting accessories can then be fitted. There are different optional shackles and swivel hooks available also.