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Manual Drum Winches

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Manual Drum Winches (sometimes referred to as heavy duty hand winches) are pulling or lifting devices with a rope, strap, cable or chain wound around a rotating drum that is operated by a hand crank. Small hand winches are most often ratchet devices or use worm or spur gears to operate the drum. This type of hand winch with brake is also known as a ‘brake hand winch’ or ‘brake winch.’

DLH Online provides different options of Manual Drum Winches which can be filtered via the winch finish (painted, stainless steel or zinc-plated) or the mounting type. (base or column mounted, wall-mounted or truck-mounted) We only offer products from market-leading brands such as Yale, Haacon, Pfaff Silberblau, Tractel, Tiger and Thern.


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Lifting and pulling heavy duty manual winches for all industrial and commercial applications. A comprehensive range of hand operated lifting winches with spur gear or worm gear operation - models for indoor, outdoor and marine applications. Need Help? Click here to download hand winch selection guide pdf. Special Note: All of our hand operated drum winches are offered without wire ropes as standard. Winch ropes are available to purchase separately plus diverting pulleys, loose sheaves and snatch blocks.

Yale Manual Drum Winches

The Yale brand is part of the Columbus McKinnon Group (CMCO), one of the biggest and best-established lifting equipment manufacturers globally. Yale is justifiably recognized for its quality products and ability to custom build equipment to fit customers’ specific requirements.At DLH Online, our Yale Manual Drum Winches will suit your requirements and as one of Columbus McKinnon’s top UK authorised distributors, we can supply Yale's industrial products at extremely competitive prices.

The Yale HW-C Spur Gear Drum Winch is a highly effective winch for durability and versatility, with its winching housing and rope drum from robust steel plate. Also boasting a spur gear drive for optimal efficiency, compact design, pivotable handle, automatic load pressure brake for safe holding and extremely sensitive lowering of the load, it’s a winch that ticks all the boxes. Unintentional brake release is averted even with swinging loads.The wire rope winch comes with a high-vis yellow powder-coated finish as standard. The Yale HW-C is suitable for operation in ambient temperatures of -10 to +50 degrees and for use in areas where electricity is not available orwhere electric appliances can not be safely operated due to water, mud or dirt.

The Yale HW-CS Stainless Steel Spur Gear Drum Winches essentially offers all the same features as the HW-C but with additional durability - the winch housing and rope drum are made from stainless steel and the plain drum bearings are made from bronze for additional corrosion resistance. All this means that the HW-CS offers even more protection against the elements when being used outdoors, making it a very attractive solution for many

Pfaff Silberblau Manual Drum Winches

German brand Pfaff Silberblau are a market-leading manufacturer of material handling equipment and manufacture high-quality and durable products designed for high duty usage in a range of industrial environments. The company has been celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2017 and since 2008, Pfaff Silberblau has been a 100% subsidiary of the USA-based giant Columbus McKinnon Corporation.At DLH Online, our Pfaff Silberblau Pfaff Silberblau manual drum winches will fit the bill and as a top UK authorised distributor of Pfaff Silberblau’s parent company Columbus McKinnon, we can supply their industrial products to our customers at very competitive prices.   

The Pfaff SW-K Gamma Aluminium Hand Winch comes recommended due to its efficiency, with 200, 500 and 800 kg lifting capacity options available. Required user effort is minimised thanks to its Teflon-coated bearings with a roller chain drive. The aluminium console-mounted wire rope winch SW-K GAMMA is also suitable for use outdoors with its robust build and construction. Overall it’s a very popular model that meets many user needs.

The Pfaff SW-K Lambda Safety Hand Winch is a console-mounted wire rope winch that has a 300 kg capacity with two different rope capacities. This winch is ideal for use wherever heavy objects weighing up to 300 kg have to be safely moved over peoples’ heads. A double-acting safety retaining spring reliably holds the load in every position. Driven by a single-stage, spur-toothed pair of internally-geared wheels, this drum winch is often employed in studios and theatres, fashion shows and also warehouses. A real show-stopper!

Tiger Manual Drum Winches

Established for over 50 years ago, Tiger Lifting products are market-leaders due to a proven track record and reputation for supplying premium lifting products that prioritise performance, safety and efficiency into a wide range of demanding industries across the globe. At DLH Online, our Tiger Manual Drum Winches will meet your requirements and we can supply Tiger's winching products at very reasonable prices.

The Tiger Industrial Hand Winch SF-2200 is a highly effective hand winch, with a 1000 kg Lifting capacity. Its ratchet handle permits reciprocating handle movement in both directions for lifting and lowering loads, with a positive load-actuated brake ensuring the load can be held in any position. Gears and brake are fully covered to prevent dust, dirt and rain contamination and it’s a winch that requires very low operator effort. If it’s for use in confined spaces with limited access, it is the ideal solution.

The Tiger Brake Hand Winch BHW Series is a high quality multipurpose winch, available with options for 180 kg, 275 kg, 400 kg and 590 kg lifting capacity on the last rope layer. The winch’s heat treated gears result in the requirement for very low operator effort, whilst its high quality powder coat paint offers superb corrosion protection to ensure long life!

Thern Manual Drum Winches

With over 65 years’ experience in quality products, Thern manual drum (or hand) winches have established a well-earned reputation for durability, reliability and performance. At DLH Online, our range of Thern Manual Drum Winches is varied and as Thern’s main UK authorised distributor, we supply Yale's industrial products at highly competitive prices.

The Thern Model 4WM2 Worm Gear Hand Winch range is a very popular hand winch, with its machine-cut worm gears that provide accurate operation and durable service. It also operates an in-built oil bath that ensures continuous lubrication of the gears, thereby minimising wear. Also crucially the oil seals act to keep oil in but dirt out!

The Thern Spur Gear Lifting Winch comes with capacity options ranging up to 907kg. The automatic brake models provide positive load control for lifting and lowering operations, whilst the Quick Disconnect anchor enables the fast attaching or removing of the wire rope equipped with a swaged ball fitting. The bronze and radial ball bearings provide smooth and efficient operation, alongside a stainless steel or trivalent zinc-plated finish that protects against corrosion in extreme environments.

For a heavier-duty Thern manual drum winch with higher loading capacities, the Thern 2W40 Series Worm Gear Hand Winch come highly recommended, with a capacity of up to 2086 kg. The 2W40-BL and 2W40-BM models are equipped with an internal mechanical brake that provides positive load control for lifting applications and the 2W40-BM can be power-driven with a maximum 300 rpm drill motor.

Tractel Manual Drum Winches

Tractel was established in 1941 and since then the company has provided material handling and lifting, load measurement, suspended working platforms and fall arrest safety equipment to various countries around the world. At DLH Online, our Tractel Manual Drum Winches will suit your requirements and we can supply Tractel's hoisting products at highly competitive prices.

The Tractel CaRol TR Manual Hand Winches are very popular manual drum winches, in part due to their broad winch capacity range from 250 kg all the way up to 2000 kg. As always, safety features are premium - the drum is easily disengageable via the accessible lever with safety device preventing disengagement when actually carrying a load. It boasts a variable-length control crank handle that enables the user to either apply maximum control force or perform rapid cranking for small loads or rewinding. The TR winch can also  be mounted in multiple positions on a horizontal or vertical mounting plane.

DLH Online also offers the Tractel CaRol TS Manual Hand Winches, which offer all the same benefits as the TR range above but with a higher capacity range of up to 3000 kg.  

Haacon Manual Drum Winches

The origins of the company Haacon Hebetechnik gmbh can be traced back to the year 1872 when two local brothers established a mechanical workshop to manufacture wooden shank winches in Freudenberg, Germany. Haacon is now a part of the Orplex Group and specialise in high quality products in the areas of rigging, hoisting and winching. At DLH Online, our Haacon Manual Drum Winches will suit your requirements and we supply Haacon's excellent industrial products at low prices.    

The Haacon Wall-mounted Hand Winch Type WA is a highly efficient compact hand rope winch in an aluminium die casting for lower weights. It can be supplied with either 50 kg or 100 kg capacities and with its compact nature and closed-casing box, is perfect for domestic use. The winch is corrosion resistant and its quiet running volume and self-locking brake are very desirable also. It operates a low crank force and its clever removable crank handle prevents any unauthorised use.

If you need any expert advice or have particular requirements, such as needing special controls or for use in extreme conditions then the DLH Online sales team will be happy to offer professional guidance on the most appropriate manual drum or hand winches to match your particular needs.

DLH Online, who are is the main UK authorised distributor for Thern Inc., alongside being a top UK authorised distributor for the Columbus McKinnon Group (CMCO) who incorporate the Yale, Pfaff Silberblau, Steerman and Camlok brands. DLH Online is also the Main UK authorised distributor for Schilling, Eepos, Erikkila and Codipro. They are also the sole authorised Master UK distributors for Lifts All Sweden alongside being the main North West (UK) authorised distributors for Crosby, RUD, Sumner and Donati.