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Pfaff SW-K Gamma Aluminium Hand Winch - Manual Drum Winches - Winches - Lifting, Hoisting and Winching

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Pfaff SW-K Gamma Aluminium Hand Winch

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Key Features

  • Three models in 200, 500 and 800 kg lifting capacities
  • Aluminium construction. - Teflon coated bearings to reduce effort with a roller chain drive.
  • Automatic self-sustaining spring loaded brake acting in both directions.
  • The aluminium console-mounted wire rope winch SW-K GAMMA is suitable for use outdoors with its robust build.
  • Removable handle, operates from both sides of the winch.
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GAMMA, aluminium hand winches
Capacities: 200 - 800kg

These models are the solution to many winching problems. The design features two-speed gearing on some models with a very fast operation. The two speeds are available depending upon the capacity; for example on the 500kg winch the fast speed winds in 335mm for each turn of the crank with loads below 90kgs, whilst the slow speed lifts full loads with minimum effort.

Full specifications in PDF download

Features and benefits include:

  • Carrying loads 200 – 800 kg

  • Compact aluminium housing and closed chain drive

  • As of 500 kg carrying load with fast gear for small loads and faster coiling and uncoiling of the unloaded rope

  • Smoothly running spur gear for high efficiency

  • Low-friction shaft with plain bearings for better rope unwinding and a longer service life of the winch

  • Wide rope drum for large rope holder and two rope attachments

  • Simple and quick attachment

Technical details
Model Art.-No. Capacity 1st layer
Capacity top layer
Rope diameter*
Useable rope length 1st layer
Useable rope length top layer
Lift per crank rotation mm Required crank effort
Ratio Weight without rope kg
GAMMA 200 040270004 200 110 4 3.6 40 195 19 6
GAMMA 500 040270001 500 200 6 4.2 50 60/400** 12 6.57:1 14
GAMMA 800 040270006 800 350 7 5.3 78 36/280** 18 7.57:1 16

*Recommended wire rope DIN 3060 FE-znK-1770 sZ spa. ropes sold separately  **Low/high-speed.

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