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Niko Lightweight Profile Crane System - Overhead Crane Systems - Cranes

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Niko Lightweight Profile Crane System

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Key Features

  • Niko crane system is the ideal solution for lightweight lifting of load capacities up to 2000 kg
  • Modular kit form, for easy assembly, modification or moving to suit changes in your working patterns.
  • Bridge span up to 12 metres - Smooth and easy movement in all directions
  • Robust construction - Wide range of fixing brackets
  • Zinc plated, powder coated, hot dip galvanised finish - Also available in Stainless steel
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We say: " A cost-effective solution for your workplace handling needs!

Niko Lightweight Profile Crane System

Not just for crane assemblies!
You can make tool balancer tracks, hoist runways, manipulator supports, overhead conveyors and more...

Download catalogue PDF for full specifications and future reference, loads of layout examples and it explains how the components slot together for your next project.

The Niko system provides a versatile combination of track sizes and components which allow simple assembly and installation of monorails and overhead cranes.  

Typical examples are:
ceiling mounted lightweight overhead cranes, freestanding lightweight overhead cranes, single girder overhead cranes, double girder overhead cranes, low-headroom overhead crane and monorail cranes. 

Manual cranes and powered travel cranes are both available using the Niko track profile system.  For more complex applications a range of radius bends, switches, and transfer units are available. 

The main benefits are:

  • Very low headroom
  • Lifting loads up to 1000 kg
  • Manual  or electric hoist operation
  • Robust construction
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Modular design
  • Simple installation
  • Easy and free running in operation
  • Accurate load positioning
  • Long life and durability 
Niko Profile Load Table
Capacity (Kg) NIKO
Bridge Span
L max (m)
Long travel supporting distance
B max (m)
23.000 1.50 1,00
23+Spine 4.00 3,50
24.000 1.80 1,40
24+Spine 5.00 4,40
25.000 2.50 1,90
25+Spine 6.00 5,20
26.000 2,50 1,80
26+Spine 6,00 5,20
26.000 1,80 1,80
26+Spine (L) 6,00 5,00
27.000 3,00 2,00
27+Spine 6,00 6,00

Niko Reinforcement Spine Chart
NIKO Profile No. 23.000 24.000 25.000 26.000 26.000 27.000
Spine Size 
height x thickness
80x8 120x8 120x10 150x10 180x10 (L) 180x10
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