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Clean rooms - Food / Pharmaceutical

Vacuum lifting and handling equipment optimised for the food and pharmaceutical industry

As a long-established supplier of lifting and handling equipment, DALE supply a comprehensive range of vacuum lifter products specifically for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

The range includes:
The Lifts All© pneumatically powered range of food and packaging vacuum and mechanical lifters are well-suited for lifting applications in food or pharmaceutical cleanroom production, wash-down and environmentally-controlled environments.

Lifts All© have manufactured many lifting aids that are tailor-made for use in cleanroom environments. The lifting equipment has among other things facilitated the handling of emptying food from box to conveyor belt or lifting from and to the mixing machine. In order to lift drugs in the cleanroom environment Lifts All has, among other things, manufactured grippers that can lift vessels with tablets for handling and bags filled with powder to be emptied into containers. 

Tawi and Vaculex© electrically powered range also have a long history of providing lifting solutions for the food industry. Handling of everything from cheeses, sausages, frozen or fresh meat to sacks of flour etc. is easily solved with Tawi and Vaculex© lifting equipment and mobile lifting trolleys

The lifters are supplied in many purpose-made attachments to meet your specific need. Stainless Steel(SS) handling tools with weightless operation from aluminium crane systems and swing jibs. Lifting trolleys are equipped to lift and rotate loads easily and safely.

Expert attention
You can request a quotation online for the most appropriate product to suit your application. Our in-house technical sales team will work with you to provide the most reliable product from our range of standard products or a bespoke solution to suit your exact requirements.

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