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Topal PB Clamps for Loads with Parallel Sides - Topal Lifting Clamps, Magnets and Beams - Tractel - By Brand

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Topal PB Clamps for Loads with Parallel Sides

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Topal PB Clamps for Loads with Parallel Sides

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Lifting clamp for lifting loads made of steel, concrete, wood, plastic, etc. with parallel sides.

Automatic release and handles for easy use. Clamping jaw with rubber for optimal grip, non-marking. Upon request clamping jaw also available with:

  • Polyurethane
  • Steel tips
  • Centred or V shape


Lifting without marring products with parallel sides in various materials: wood, steel, plastic or rock.

Directions for use
Semi-automatic clamp: the clamp is locked in an open position. To carry out the lift, the operator must activate the lever (manual unlocking) and hold it up whilst starting off the lift. When laying down the load, the clamp automatically locks itself open. The clamping is proportional to minimise any damage to the load. Pads are covered with interchangeable rubber.
Product CodeModel NameWLL
50458 PB05 0-100 500 kg
50468 PB05 100-250 500 kg
50478 PB05 200-500 500 kg
50488 PB1 0-200 1000 kg
50498 PB1 200-500 1000 kg
50508 PB1 500-800 1000 kg
50518 PB1 700-1000 1000 kg
88368 PB3 200-500 3000 kg
88378 PB3 500-800 3000 kg

Use Restrictions

Check that the pads are free from grease or oil. Degrease the pads regularly. Never lift greasy products or loads with smooth surface (polished marble for instance). Only lift one load at a time. Other jaw coatings are available upon request. Operating temperature: -20 to +90°C.


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