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Topal PL Girder Lifting Clamps - Topal Lifting Clamps, Magnets and Beams - Tractel - By Brand

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Topal PL Girder Lifting Clamps

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Vertical lifting only. Never use the PL clamp inverted as a fixed lifting point. For this operation use the GP clamp. When the flange width of the girder is greater then the dimension J, the operator should slide the clamp from the end of the girder. Operating temperature: -20° to +100°C.

For lifting of profiled girders.

Semi-automatic clamp: the clamp islocked in an open position. To carry out the lift, the operator must activate the lever (manual unlocking) and hold it up whilst starting off the lift. When laying down the load, the clamp automatically locks itself open.  The clamping is proportional to minimise any damage to the load.

PL4 no longer available

It is possible to use this range of clamps on girders with a flange width less than that recommended. In this case, use the clamps in pairs with the aid of a lifting beam.

When using a lifting beam use the clamps in pairs - Never lift more than one girder at a time.

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