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Topal TI Clamps for Lifting Laying Pipes in Trenches - Topal Lifting Clamps, Magnets and Beams - Tractel - By Brand

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Topal TI Clamps for Lifting Laying Pipes in Trenches

In stock

Key Features

  • Lifting capacities 500 kg and 1,000 kg
  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic models
  • Clamps pipe diameters 230 mm to 900 mm
  • Semi-automatic model: manual grab action and automatic locking of the grab in the open position
  • Automatic model: the grab and laying down operation is performed without any manual operation from the operator on the grab.
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 Topal TI Clamps for Lifting Laying Pipes in Trenches

For lifting and laying pipes, bars, tubes designed to accommodate a wide variety of materials.


Part No: Type Capacity (kg) Opening (mm)
TIS05 230-400 Semi-automatic clamp 500kg 230-400mm
TIA05 230-400 Automatic clamp  500kg 230-400mm
TIS05 380-650 Semi-automatic clamp 500kg 380-650mm
TIA05 380-650 Automatic clamp  500kg 380-650mm
TIS1450-900 Semi-automatic clamp 1000kg 450-900mm
TIA1 450-900 Automatic clamp  1000kg 450-900mm

Ti clamps


Semi-automatic clamp

The clamp is locked open. To carry out the lift, activate the lever (manual unlocking) and hold it up whilst starting off the lift. When laying down, the clamp automatically locks itself open.

Automatic clamp (double-effect lock)

Allows load handling without operator intervention. To operate, lower the clamp onto the load, this willdisengage the mechanism and lift theload. When lowering: lower the load to the resting point and continue to lower until the locking mechanism is engaged, locking the clamp open. The clamping is proportional to the load to minimise the risk of deformation.

Ve rtical lifting only. Check the load is horizontally level when lifting with a single clamp. Use in pairs with a lifting beam for lifting long pipes. It is possibile to add a covering on the bearing parts for fragile surfaces.

Operating temperature: -20° to + 100° C.

• Two available models: semi-automatic and automatic.

• Wide bearing surface for better handling.

• Proportional clamping to minimise any damage to the load.


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