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Topal GP Beam Clamps - Topal Lifting Clamps, Magnets and Beams - Tractel - By Brand

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Topal GP Beam Clamps

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For lifting of profiled girders. Provides a fixed or temporary suspension point.

Directions for use
The opening of the clamp is adjusted using a sliding arm. A locking screw fitted with a handle allows the fixing of the clamp on the profile.
Use Restrictions
We recommend the use of two beam clamps with a lifting beam when lifting girders.
Never lift more than one girder at a time. When the flange width of the girder is greater than the dimension K (See chart right), the operator should slide the clamp from the end of the girder. Always operate the effort in the direction of the clamp flanges: Do not pull sideways with an angle greater than 15°. Operating temperature: -20° to +100°C.

GP3 and GP 10 no longer available
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